Breaking Professional Boundaries

In this solo masturbation scene, a professional therapist (Serene Siren) returns home after a long day's work, eager to ease some tension. What she really needs right now more than anything else is to TRULY unwind. She retrieves her dildo from nearby and sighs to herself, a little frustrated that using a sex toy has started to become a routine for her more than she would like. She would much rather have a real man to come home to, but she is so busy during the day and exhausted at night that the only opportunities she gets to meet men these days are her patients - and she certainly can't date any of them! Although... if she COULD, there has been that one patient of hers that her mind keeps roaming back to. Good looks, good job, and very well-adjusted - his struggles have all been towards falling for the wrong women... ditzy, flaky types who never satisfy him for long. Oh, but she knows how to fix all his girlfriend troubles - he's just been looking in the wrong places and doesn't know what he REALLY needs. He needs a woman who's independent, smart, and capable - someone who can match his level... someone like her. True, she would be overstepping her professional boundaries... but she feels like doing something daring and forbidden for once, instead of following the rules like she has her whole life. She fantasizes about him giving in to her seduction attempts, talking about how she can tell his dick is stiffening at the thought of it while she strokes the dildo up and down. She encourages her dream lover to take her then and there in the middle of his session, but cautions him before going further. If they ARE going to do this, they would have to keep it on the down-low so as to not risk her reputation... but she promises that as a therapist, she is VERY good at being discreet.

3 months ago