Club Swinger

Michael Vegas is trying his best to correct his wife Kenzie Taylor's golf swing, but she's totally hopeless! Needless to say, it's driving Micahel crazy... So when he spots the sexy Gracie Jane winking at him from the refreshment booth, he sneaks off for a little flirting while Kenzie keeps working on her swing (if you could even call it that). But when Kenzie hits the next ball, it smacks the nearby Zariah Aura square in the ass! Oopsie! Kenzie is mortified, but she's a bit surprised when she realizes that Zariah isn't pissed at all. In fact, Zariah seems to be intrigued by Kenzie... So much that she comes over to give this golf rookie a few tips... including the tip of her cock! Feeling totally aroused, Kenzie and Zariah sneak off into the clubhouse for some naughty sex. Gracie notices them leaving and gets a naughty idea herself... deciding to follow them and join in for a wild and discreet threesome. While Michael is left outside wondering where all the women have gone, the women have some of the raunchiest sex of their lives... making them the TRUE club swingers at THIS golf course.

4 months ago