Measuring Mama

Jimmy Michaels has to make a shirt for a home ec assignment, starting with measuring the person who will be wearing the shirt: his own stepmom, Sophia Locke! Sophia is happy to help Jimmy as he grumpily breaks out the measuring tape. They innocently start with her bust, which unexpectedly turns Jimmy on as his hands brush against her. This leads to him coming up with flimsy excuses to measure elsewhere too that normally wouldn't be needed for a shirt. By the time he's measuring Sophia's butt, Sophia catches on and calls him out. Jimmy is sheepish as he admits to having been turned on by touching her boobs. Sophia feels a bit guilty for accidentally turning him on, and tries to show him that touching her breasts isn't a big deal. But then they BOTH get even more turned on, and measuring clothes become the last thing on their minds!

3 months ago