Going Down

It's another late night at the office when coworkers Angel Youngs and Skylar Snow run into each other in the elevator. They exchange flirty glances, their eyes roving over each other's sexy bodies. Skylar and Angel wouldn't dare be so obvious when their bosses and colleagues are around, but within the privacy of this elevator... anything goes. Angel smashes all the buttons, causing the elevator to stall, and then pounces onto Sylar, shoving her tongue into her ready mouth. They strip each other naked and shove each other's face in between their asscheeks for some rimming and pussy-licking. When it's time to take things up another level, Angel takes out a strapon and fucks Skylar against the elevator doors until she comes all over it. After all is said and done, there's one thing for certain- that elevator wasn't the only thing 'going down' that night...

2 months ago