Clearing His Mind

Laney Grey is tutoring her fellow college classmate Victor Ray with his math homework, but nothing seems to be sticking. No matter how many times she gently points out the nuances of the various equations in his textbook, Victor just isn't able to grasp a single digit! This is quite a worrying situation, especially since Victor's on a scholarship with the college baseball team. If he can't keep his grades up, he might soon be kicked out of school! Since they don't seem to be getting anywhere, Laney decides that it's best to take a short break. All Victor might need is a chance to take a breather and reset himself. As they dig a bit deeper into his situation, however, Victor shares that the reason he may be struggling is because he's so stressed. There's just so much pressure coming at him from every direction... he's totally overwhelmed and finds it way too hard to focus on anything, really. Laney feels bad for the poor guy- especially since he seems to be trying so hard to do well. If only she could find a way to help him relax... Maybe she can bake him some cookies? Or, actually... maybe she can give him a taste of her MUFFIN instead... After all, he's pretty cute, and Laney just hates to see a good-looking hunk like Victor strike out time and time again. Laney spreads her legs, offering him a wonderful opportunity to clear his mind through sensual, playful sex. They'll have to be quiet, though- Laney's parent is just downstairs watching TV, after all!

2 months ago