Ragdoll Roomie

Lulu Chu is tired of her roommate Rocky Emerson pushing her around. It's not like Rocky means to act like that, it's just that she's so much taller than Lulu. For example, just the other day Lulu was struggling to grab some dishes from the top of the cabinet, so Rocky swept in and lifted Lulu up so that she could reach. And then another time, while Lulu was doing laundry, Rocky came in and simply moved Lulu out of the way- as if she was just an object! Luckily for Lulu, however, she's come up with a way to make good use of their size difference... by letting her roomie toss her around like a ragdoll as they have rough, sensual sex! Rocky lifts Lulu up by the hips and eats her out, making her cum all over her face. Rocky then sits on Lulu's face, towering over her as she rubs her clit against Lulu's lips and tongue. Finally, Rocky flips Lulu into a piledriver position against the bedframe and gives her pussy a grande finale Lulu will never forget.

5 months ago