Customer Service Episode 4: Closing Time

Following the events of Episode 3, Nichola's office has been dealt a losing hand. With virtually everyone having been caught having sex at the office, corporate has sent Peppermint in to do some final interviews which will effectively decide who stays and who goes. Needless to say, things are NOT looking good for our friends. Things aren't all bad, however... Jane and Barb have fully disclosed their relationship to corporate, and they're proud to call each other partners (whether they keep their jobs or not). Donna also has a unique pitch up her sleeve for Peppermint, which she hopes will secure her place at the company amidst the many layoffs that are sure to follow. And lastly, there's Nichola. It's no secret that she's mostly (if not totally) to blame for this fiasco. However, she's shown up to make one last plea to Peppermint and is hoping she can turn the tide for her employees. It'll be an uphill battle, to say the least. But if there's one thing to know about Nichola, it's that she's at her best when she's backed up against a wall. Will Nichola be able to change Peppermint's mind? Or is this office doomed forever? Tune in to find out!

5 months ago