Red-Hot Hotwife

A man, Chad Alva, who was approached at a club by a sexy redhead, Lauren Phillips, is unnerved when she leads him back to her house where it turns out her husband, Robby Apples, is waiting for them. Chad skeptically asks what the hell's going on - is this some kind of prank? But the couple explains that Lauren is a hotwife, and that Robby gets off on watching her cheat with other men. But a lot of other men are squeamish about that and turn her down when she tells men outright, so they have resorted to having Lauren lure in dates using her beauty to get them in the mood before explaining the situation. They're hoping that Chad will be on board so that they ALL can get what they want. Chad is hesitant at first but decides to go through with the sex after all. Luckily, as they get into it, Chad finds himself warming up more and more to the idea, much to the couple's delight!

4 months ago