Tongue Me Deep

Olivia Jay enters her bedroom and sits down on the bed, feeling aroused and tickled. She thinks she's alone at the house, so she spreads her legs and starts rubbing her pussy through her silk panties, letting out soft moans and gasps as she does. Her toes curl with pleasure as she goes deeper, lost in a sea of sensorial self-pleasure. But little does she know that she's not exactly alone at the house today... Her boyfriend, Codey Steele enters the bedroom, catching her in the act. Codey loves what he's seeing, telling Olivia not to stop. In fact, he might be able to help her out if she wants. He's a good kisser... but his mouth has other parts of Olivia's body that it'd like to explore... and he wants nothing more than to tongue her deeply. Olivia loves the sound of that, and sensually invites Codey to join her for a romantic session in bed.

4 months ago