Three Can Work It Out

Sydney and her husband Damon are stuck in a rut. They don’t have sexual desire for each other anymore, and they hardly even touch each other. The lack of intimacy in his marriage has driven Damon closer to his stepdaughter, Reyna. He knows it’s taboo, but he looks at Reyna lustfully, craving her body more and more each day. However, the feeling is mutual, as Reyna is also attracted to him. One day, after talking about it, Reyna ends up sucking her stepdad’s cock. All is well until Sydney catches them in the act. She is furious and claims she’s ready to leave them both behind. But Damon knows his wife well and can see she’s clearly turned on and wants to join in on the fun. Damon suggests she join them, and it turns out a taboo threesome with their stepdaughter is just what they needed to get some magic back in the bedroom.

4 months ago