Learning To Be Chaste

Nicole has been getting into a lot of trouble because of her high sex drive. She’s been sucking and fucking any opportunity she gets, and now her salacious behavior has caught up to her. When her stepdad, Joshua, learns that Nicole has been suspended from school for giving blowjobs, he knows he needs to remind her of her commitment to chastity. Joshua pulls down Nicole’s leggings to reveal a chastity belt. It seems Nicole has found a loophole, and although she hasn’t been getting fucked, she’s been sucking lots of cock. Joshua pulls out a hooked metal rod from the drawer and pushes the rounded edge against Nicole’s asshole. It’s cold, and the feeling turns her on, but she can’t let her stepdad know she’s enjoying it. Joshua pushes the rod into Nicole’s asshole and has her swear her commitment to chastity. He needs to know this girl is going to behave and listen to the rules he’s established. Under his roof, his words are law, and Nicole must obey those laws. The entire situation is unorthodox, but both Joshua and Nicole like the dynamic they’ve developed with each other. Joshua can’t tell Nicole how much he enjoys being dominant over her, and Nicole also can’t admit how much she enjoys the rough play. They are at a silent impasse and must instead endure the colossal sexual tension they’ve built up with one another. Still, Nicole is getting bored having to stay at home. She does miss sucking cock, but so long as she’s grounded, she can’t leave the house. She gets the brilliant idea to prove her loyalty to her stepdad. Maybe he'll let her leave the house if she can show him how loving and loyal she is. One afternoon in the kitchen, Nicole gets on her knees and shows her stepdad how good she is at sucking dick. Nicole wraps her lips around the head of Joshua’s cock and teases him before taking him in entirely. She cradles his balls and plays with his shaft, showing her stepdaddy what a good girl she can be. Nicole jerks him off with her lips sealed around the head of his cock. She wants him to cum, and she wants to feel his load shoot deep into her mouth. Joshua finishes and shivers in pleasure as he fills his stepdaughter’s mouth with a hot load. It’s by far the best blowjob he’s ever had, no doubt because of how forbidden it was and because he’s pined over Nicole for so long. When Nicole is no longer grounded, she finds she actually wants to stay at home with her stepdad. She’s grown accustomed to being around him, and she hasn’t been able to get that blowjob out of her head. Joshua recognizes how loyal she’s been, and it makes him feel horny for her again. He wants to reward the sweet chick with a special treat. Joshua pulls his cock out, and the two fuck on the couch. Nicole’s asshole feels incredible. The tension they’ve built up is being released all at once, and both of them are over the moon with pleasure. She’s incredibly tight, and the way she rides cock has Joshua feeling head over heels for his stepdaughter. Nicole pushes Joshua to his edge, and when he can’t hold in his shot any longer, he pulls out, leaving her asshole agape. He cums hard, shooting a load clear across her ass and onto her back. His cum drips into her asshole and keeps flowing out almost endlessly. It’s the hardest he’s cum in a while, and he somehow always knew it would be Nicole that made him bust so intensely. They revel in their passionate exchange, and Joshua tells Nicole that whenever she feels impure, he’s the only person she’s allowed to see. Nicole happily agrees, finding love and affection in her submission to her stepdaddy.

3 months ago