A-Dick-Ted to You

After getting dumped on a date, Ellie feels devastated. Luckily for her, her stepdad Kyle knows a way or two about making her happy. The premise is simple: a small stepdad/stepdaughter date for Ellie to forget about the boy. Everything is working well until the girl starts seeing her stepfather in a different light. As the petite ginger shares a movie and ice cream with Kyle, she notices how big his cock is and how amazing it would be to get filled by his stepdad. The relationship gets awkward after the date, with Kyle trying to avoid his lustful little stepdaughter. The truth is that Kyle wants to feed Ellie with dick, but he knows it’s not possible. However, Ellie starts flirting with him more and more aggressively until he can’t resist any longer and gags her with his boner. Just when he is deepthroating his little girl while grabbing her ponytails, his wife arrives so they have to interrupt the act so as not to get caught. Hornier than ever, Ellie confronts her stepdad once more the next day to make her wish come true and swallow her stepfather’s buttery load.

3 months ago