Kylie’s Lusty Lessons

When Kylie starts to have sexual urges, she seeks out help from her stepdad, Mike. Kylie is feeling horny all the time, but because she’s inexperienced with sex, she doesn’t know how to handle it. All of this news comes to Mike as a bit of a shock. Sure, he was only just her stepdad, but it still felt a little weird to talk about sex with his stepdaughter - especially when she was so hot and could get fucked by anyone she wanted. But like a good stepdad, Mike tries to talk everything out with Kylie. Mike is surprised that Kylie has never touched, let alone seen, a cock, and if she’s going to learn from anyone, it should be with someone familiar who can keep her safe. Mike lets Kylie give him a handjob, knowing it’s a little fucked up but thinking it’s innocent enough. The more she jerks him off, though, the hornier he gets. Mike wants to show Kylie a good time, so he fingers her pussy. She’s incredibly tight and wet. It’s been a while since he’d been with a younger girl and especially a virgin, so getting to fuck around with his stepdaughter feels extra naughty. Later, Kylie tells Mike she met a guy online and is going to meet up with him for sex. Outraged, Mike forbids his stepdaughter from seeing this stranger and insists if she’s going to have sex, she can use his cock to lose. Kylie had hoped Mike would offer up his dick. Ever since their little masturbation session, she’s been lusting for her stepdad hard. Mike felt the same way, and he’d been looking forward to when he could play with his stepdaughter’s pussy again. The fling starts off with Kylie learning how to suck a cock. It’s hard to fit her stepdad’s cock down her throat at first, but the longer she sucks, the better Kylie gets. Kylie is immensely wet and very turned on by the time Mike positions himself over her. He pushes his cock against her pussy lips and gently thrusts his way in. Sex with his stepdaughter feels so familiar and right despite how wrong he knows it is. Mike and Kylie could never let anyone find out about any of this, but for the time being, they just wanted to enjoy their kinky and forbidden moment. Soon Mike’s cock is all Kylie can think about, and not long after their first session, Kylie wants to go again. Only this time, she wants Mike to cum in her. Kylie wants to know the sensation of a creampie, and like before, Mike won’t let any stranger touch his sweet girl’s pussy but him. Mike fucks Kylie hard this time, showing her how hardcore sex can feel between a younger girl and an older guy. Kylie’s love for her stepdad’s cock was at an all-time high, and she wanted every inch he had to offer. When Mike can’t hold his load any longer, he pumps Kylie’s pussy with a massive load of cum. Kylie can feel it against her walls and all throughout her vagina - the sensation drove her wild and gave her a thrill like nothing she’d ever experienced. Sex with his stepdaughter was something Mike could get used to, and seeing how horny Kylie was, it was something he could likely expect often.

3 months ago