The Two-Pronged Approach

Ana Foxxx and Cory Chase had a good thing going. Along with their friend Susan, they would meet up regularly for some no-strings-attached fun, having the most exciting and raunchy threesomes. It was a match made in heaven- a trifecta of passion where all three of them were equally invested in dirty, filthy sex. But alas, all good things must come to an end... as is the case when Susan decided to get monogamous with her current girlfriend, leaving Cory and Ana all alone. Ana and Cory were a little bummed, to say the least. It's really tough to find a third who's into all the crazy stuff that they're into. But then one day, Ana gets an interesting idea... Since they're missing a third, why not just use double the dildos? Ana and Cory LOVE double penetration, and there's no reason they won't be able to accomplish that. They just have to get a little... creative. Ana straps on a dildo and lets Cory suck her off, and then has Cory ride her hard. Cory's got another dildo in her hand, and she's not shy about plugging up Ana's holes when the time is right... and vice versa. Finally, they stick both toys end-to-end to form a lovely double-ended dildo, scissoring against each other as they moan with pleasure and feel their warm pussy lips connect. If there's one thing for certain about this Lez Be Bad episode it's that, sometimes, the two-pronged approach is best!

4 months ago