You Have Been Watching Too Much Family Porn

Aria Valencia has been watching a lot of family porn, which is giving her some pretty hot ideas when it comes to her stepbrother Nick Strokes. Nick finds Aria and her friend Amber Stark in the kitchen talking about how dumb boys are. It turns out they've dumped their boyfriends since they wouldn't give creampies. Aria and Amber suspect that Nick just might give them the goods though. Amber referees as Nick and Aria go at it on a Valentine's game. Nick kisses Aria on the cheek, which prompts Amber to challenge him so she can show him how a kiss is done. The girls still aren't satisfied with Nick's kissing, so they show him how it's really done in a lesbian kiss. Aria suggests another game with a condom, but Nick just outright agrees to fuck her and Amber. They go for the D, sucking him together as they take turns deep throating him. Nick insists on wearing a condom before he'll fuck the girls and Aria agrees. She rides him in cowgirl until she cums. Her enthusiasm breaks the condom, but the girls swear it'll be fine if he pulls out. Too lost in the moment to protest, Nick lets Aria resume her ride and then continues playing stud as Amber rides him in reverse cowgirl. He dicks Amber down on her side, then on her back while Aria rides her friend's mouth. When Aria lays down to have Amber ride her face and Nick bang her tight body, he doesn't get a chance to pull out before he gluts his stepsister with a creampie.

3 months ago