Less Talk More Cock Stepbro

This season on Lil Sis we're running a love your family hotline hosted by love coach Alex Coal. Today's caller is Kimmy Kimm, calling in to talk about her new stepbrother Nick Strokes. She wanted to talk to her new stepbro, but he seemed to be afraid of her. Kimmy arranged it so that Nick would walk in to see her in her underwear. Her intentions were totally just to talk to him, but she gradually realized that she really wanted to fuck him. Kimmy arranged it next so that Nick would walk in her masturbating. He was obviously happy about it, but he still wouldn't talk to her. The following day, Kimmy came home and knew that Nick was hiding in her closet. Stripping down, she began masturbating and calling Nick's name. Even then Nick didn't come out of the closet until Kimmy told thin air that she promised she wouldn't look if he just fucked her. That finally gets Nick between her thighs, pants around his ankles and dick shoved deep in her coochie. Kimmy describes it all. Nick dicked her down on her back and then let her blow him, finally! She got her opportunity to ride his fuck stick in cowgirl, then in reverse cowgirl. Once they were done spooning together, Kimmy even got the cum shower that she's been dreaming about. Now Kimmy confesses to Alex that the sex was great, but now Nick won't stop talking to her! Alex guides Kimmy through telling Alex that she wants less talk and m ore cock from him.

3 months ago