Girls Volleyball Coach Wants You

While she's waiting for Coach Venture in his office, Angel Windell phones her friend up. She explains her problem to her friend: She isn't satisfying her boyfriend in bed, so she wants to practice. Her plan involves seducing Coach Venture because he clearly has a big dick. When Bruce arrives, Angel gets off the phone and goes for it. Bruce resists Angel's advances initially, but the hotblooded coed is relentless in her pursuit. She eventually finds herself on her knees with Coach's cock in her hands. Leaning in to lick and stroke, Angel continues her wheedling until Bruce gives in. He lets Angel peel her shorts off and slide down onto his big one so she can get used to the way it feels. Pushing Angel to her feet, Coach fucks her from behind as they stand. He flips her onto her back and eats her pussy before shoving back inside. Angel goes for another stiffie ride, first in cowgirl and then turning around in reverse cowgirl. Angel finds herself on the desk again with Coach's cock buried inside her as he makes her squeal. Then, once he has finished Angel off, he has her suck him down until he nuts in her mouth for her to swallow down.

4 months ago