Doing It All With Coach

Kay Lovely can't believe that her team managed to win the golf match! She comes bouncing in to talk to Coach Bruce Venture and thank him for believing in her. She also wants to tell him that she won't be able to come back and compete for the team next year because she's getting sponsored. Before Kay goes, she wants to give Coach Venture something to remember her by. Sinking to her knees, she pulls Coach's pants down so she can lick him like a lollipop. Then Kay brings her head forward to begin sucking him off. She gets to her feet and peels off her cute little miniskirt so Coach can eat her trimmed pussy. Bruce is happy to slide home into Kay's tight cooch. They get acrobatic on the desk, with Kay leaning backwards to suck Coach off and then letting him pull her into his lap. Cowgirl turns into reverse cowgirl as Kay continues to make Bruce's day. Bruce takes her from behind and then eases her onto a yoga mat, where they continue their acrobatics before Kay resumes her stiffie ride until Coach creampies her pussy in a moment he'll never forget.

3 months ago