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Our Stepmoms Lend Us A Hand 32:20
Our Stepmoms Lend Us A Hand 32:20 Millie Morgan and Jennifer White are sick of their stepsons being idiot creepers. When they go to the kitchen to make popcorn, they gossip about how horny their stepsons are. Eventually they decide to teach the guys about sex. At least if the guys are getting laid, they'll stop having crunchy sheets. Millie points out that Anthony Pierce needs some help. Jennifer says that Jay Romero does, too. The ladies try to help each other's stepsons out, but Jay grabs Millie's hand and puts it on his crotch. Soon Jennifer is pawing at Anthony's hardon just like Millie is doing to Jay. With such nice cocks before them, the girls get on their knees to suck them off. Since they're showing their stepsons the ropes anyway, Millie and Jennifer decide to go all in. Jennifer gets on her back so Anthony can fuck her and Millie lets Jay try her out in doggy. Switching partners, Jennifer rides Jay in cowgirl while Millie rides Anthony in reverse cowgirl. Back to their original partners, Jennifer and Millie lay shoulder to shoulder as Jay gives it to Millie and Anthony spoons behind Jennifer. They switch one last time so each milf can take a nice facial from her own stepson.
REBECCA VOLPETTI OFFERS UP ALL HER HOLES 42:33 Rebecca Volpetti looks so innocent in her white lingerie, but in actuality, she is a horny blonde nympho that needs constant pussy satisfaction. Even though she calls upon Tommy Gold to come stuff her, she still masturbates in the meantime with a huge glass dildo. Watch on as the stud strokes her kitty and turns her on to the point that she's offering up all her holes. He fucks her face, shaved snatch, and tight asshole for a gaping anal shot until a messy facial finale.
CANDIE LUCIANI CUMS TO THE RESCUE 20:09 If you have computer problems, sexy technician Candie Luciani is the one you want to call to cum to the rescue. The brunette beauty not only fixes any issues, she also knows how to make dicks stiff and spurt as she does with Lorenzo Viota in this premium Penthouse porn video. Watch her cowgirl ride his big cock in his home gym, giving him a phenomenal deepthroat blowjob, and then spread her legs wide on the bench for some deep thrusts, followed by standing sex until he cums on her natural tits.
Passion Canvas Scene 4 30:20
Passion Canvas Scene 4 30:20 The finale of Passion Canvas brings the artist (Erik Everhard) and his Asian muse (Lia Lin) together for art and passionate sex. Lia Lin will do whatever it takes to give pleasure, including riding away, doggie-style fucking, and going all night long. With the artist and a muse, the hot sex and incredible artistic togetherness make Passion Canvas unforgettable.
Nothing Under the Gown 37:46
Nothing Under the Gown 37:46 Will is taking graduation photos of his stepdaughter Camila and her best friend Penelope. At first, the photos are playful and innocent, but the girls have a little secret: they want to use the photo shoot to seduce the hot dilf. Will is no stranger to the girls’ naughty charm and raises the bet by asking them to pull up their gowns for the pictures. When he discovers they are already nude under their robes, he knows the new graduates want a hot reward for their hard work. Before they go to college, it’s Will’s duty to show them how to party and handle dick.
A Very Bratty Debate Club 48:15
A Very Bratty Debate Club 48:15 Emma is a brat, and everyone knows it - everyone except for Emma! When she causes problems for her debate club, school counselor John steps in to put an end to her behavioral issues. He enlists Emma in the highly taboo and risky Brat Tamer program, which will test Emma’s behavior to the highest degree. She thinks she’s going to outsmart John, but as soon as he sticks a finger in her pussy and gets her to cum, she melts like butter. Soon, John has Emma under his control, and although she tries to play it cool, she’s come around to being submissive. Something inside of her has been unlocked, and her new submissive side is one she never knew existed. John keeps Emma cumming on the regular, and with each orgasm, part of her bratty personality dissipates. The last part of their program comes to its head when John fucks Emma hard, filling up her perfect pussy with his cock. She loves getting railed by an older guy. His experience pushes Emma over the top, and it’s like nothing she’s ever felt before. John realizes just how much Emma is enjoying herself, and though she isn’t supposed to be having this much fun, he won’t complain!
Stepsisters Slumber Party 27:58
Stepsisters Slumber Party 27:58 Kimmy Kimm is making food for her slumber party tonight when her stepbro Parker Ambrose tries to eat her food. Kimmy tells him that he can't have anything of hers, not her food and not her friends. After claiming that she'll fuck Parker, Kimmy flounces off and leaves her stepbrother very confused. Later, Kimmy joins Parker on the couch and complains about her friend and her crush liking each other. Parker suggests Kimmy fuck him so her crush becomes jealous. He has played right into Kimmy's plans, so she pounces on him with eagerness. She flashes her tits and goes for a sloppy BJ that she's been craving. Kimmy even gets her pussy eaten for her trouble. Crawling into Parker's lap, Kimmy rides him like the cowgirl she wants to be. She turns around for some reverse cowgirl fun, then gets on her knees so Parker can really give it to her nice and rough from behind. They finish with Kimmy on her back, her ankles up by her shoulders. She watches with do me eyes as Parker pulls out and nuts on her belly, then offers him a sleepover in his room.
Double Take 53:09
Double Take 53:09 Blake and Giselle would rather ask forgiveness than permission, and Blake expects her boyfriend will be pretty forgiving when he gets to see these two strut their stuff down each other's runways.
Cards On The Table - Episode 3 31:22
Cards On The Table - Episode 3 31:22 Escorts Candy (Sinatra Monroe) and Gina (Vanessa Sky) heard more than just the sounds of croupier Wyatt and cocktail waitress Wendy getting it on... they also heard he's an undercover cop trying to take down their bosses! But the ladies want in, and they help hatch a plan to get Wendy close enough to Jack Staal to take him down. That's when Dante calls to send Candy and Gina to a client's room. Greg (Parker Ambrose) is a cuckolded husband who wants to watch them together, and after the brunette and redhead hotties finger and lick each other, he tells Candy to don a strap and fuck Gina!
Sleazy E-Girl 35:10
Sleazy E-Girl 35:10
The Cum Fiesta Strikes Back 34:33
The Cum Fiesta Strikes Back 34:33 Chanel Camryn knows just what she's looking for as she knocks on the door of the Cum Fiesta. Not only does she have the password, she's also got a plug in her ass because she's ready to get all her holes fucked! Chanel sits down to start playing with her pussy and pulls out a big dildo to slide into her ass while she answers a few questions, then impatiently asks when this Cum Fiesta gets started. That's all Zac Wild was waiting for, and he picks up the hot brunette and hefts her for an upside-down 69, then carries her to the bedroom to give her just the fast-paced, no-holes-barred fuck she was looking for.
The Irresistible Penelope 43:09
The Irresistible Penelope 43:09 Tetsuya and Rambo get to go double on Penelope, filling her up and worshipping her pussy. The sweet babe treats the guys right and lets the studs kiss her body all over.
Ivy Cums Again 49:57
Ivy Cums Again 49:57 What’s up, TeamSkeet fans? It’s another Classics update, and this time, we’ve got a real treat for all you Freeuse lovers out there. Originally published on December 8th, 2021, this scene was a massive hit and remains a loved scene today. Ivy visits her friends, Peter and Ailee, but their relationship is not one you’d typically see. These three are fucking around the clock, no questions asked. The girls love playing with each other, and they never mind letting Peter fill up their pussies. There is no group closer than these three, and they wouldn’t have their relationship any other way.
Sneaky College Glory Holes 2 31:33
Sneaky College Glory Holes 2 31:33 Professor Xander Corvus is teaching his college class when he notices some students (Chloe Chevalier and Frances Bently) having fun with a glory hole drilled in the classroom wall. Xander finds the other side of the glory hole in a maintenance closet, where another student (Bilbo Shaggins) is getting his dick sucked. Xander discovers there's a second glory hole, so joins in on the fun, rather than raining on their parade. Xander then returns to the classroom for a threesome with the horny students!
Twinz Always Win 34:22
Twinz Always Win 34:22 Twin sisters BadAssBrannn and Litty Britty always have each other’s backs, so when BadAssBrannn finds evidence of her boyfriend’s cheating, Litty Britty makes it her mission to cheer BadAssBrannn up with a new big cock. Convenience, in this case, is king, as Litty Britty invites her new fuck buddy, Manuel Ferrara, over for the old bone and switch. Once Litty Britty is satisfied, BadAssBrannn tags in to get her share. Good thing Manuel has more than enough cock for two separate fucks.
Curvy Jessie Rogers Gets A Lucky Change Of Plans 25:55
Curvy Jessie Rogers Gets A Lucky Change Of Plans 25:55 Sexy curvy wife Jessie Rogers has decided to take her new neighbor Lucky for a ride and is letting her husband know she has a change of plans to do someone different. As Lucky was already down on his knees feasting on her hot milf pussy, Jessie's husband was "A OK" with it all and she was ready to suck on his hard cock balls deep! Jessie had only one request and that is for Lucky to oil up her big round juicy ass up first and make it slippery so he could slide right in her dripping wet hot married pussy and pound out her big juicy cheeks for a healthy cum load on her pretty and satisfied face!
Romantic creampie for sexy Redhead 21:40
Romantic creampie for sexy Redhead 21:40 Red-hot stunner Katy Rose sizzles in sexy lingerie as the flame-haired babe passionately kisses her lover (Emojizz). The bearded hunk teasingly rubs his meaty dick between Katy’s legs, and then the stocking-clad nymph kneels down to swallow it up in an erotic blowjob. Afterwards, Emojizz eats out Katy’s dripping wet pussy before fucking her in missionary, and then he invites the petite beauty to bounce on his cock in cowgirl and reverse. Next, the horny couple enjoy a side fuck on the sofa while Katy strokes her clit to orgasm, and then she sticks out her tight ass to take a hard pounding from behind in doggystyle. Finally, after bouncing on his lap some more, Katy sighs with pleasure as the ripped stud leaves her with a dripping creampie!
Fun In The Sun With Step Mom 55:40
Fun In The Sun With Step Mom 55:40 Lauren and her step son Parker are enjoying a day out by the pool. She thinks it would be the perfect time for them to bond by putting sun oil on each other. I mean they don’t want sun burn. While applying oil Lauren notices Parker checking her out and decides to make her move. She tells him she doesn’t want tan lines so she is going to sun bath. She gets naked and gets him to oil her body. Parker still not getting the hint, she tells him maybe he needs some protection on his dick from the son. She applies oil to his dick, but really gives him a hand job. Then she just goes for it and asks to suck his dick. While taking him down her throat, Parker makes a move himself and fucks his step mom. He makes her promise not to tell his dad. After a proper fucking he cums all over her face and the day couldn’t be any more perfect.
Fix Me, It Boy 23:31
Fix Me, It Boy 23:31 Steve was enjoying a chill moment on the couch when he received a call from Minxx, one of his cutest clients. This petite blonde’s laptop won’t turn on, so she decided to visit him for a quick fix. Steve greets her and tells her to make herself at home while he works on her PC. Little does he know that this is all part of Minxx’s scheme to seduce him. Suddenly, Steve finds the frisky teen almost naked on his bed, offering him a piece of her juicy little ass. Steve can’t really say no to such a tempting offer, so he lets the girl play with his cock. He’s been fantasizing about it for long, but now it’s real! Minxx wants a taste of that meaty dick, and she wants to fill crawling deep inside of her tight cunt. She can’t wait to get her pussy fucked by an experienced guy like Steve, and she wants to feel the warm sensation of his milk being splashed on her cute body.
Double Candy 46:27
Double Candy 46:27 Myra brings Joshua, the guy she has a crush on, home with the excuse of a school assignment. The cute girl dreams of tasting Joshua’s dick, but there’s just one problem: Stella, her stepsister, wants to fuck Joshua too! The mischievous girl keeps interrupting them while they work, showing the guy her cute ass and tight pussy under her short skirt. Tired, Myra confronts Stella and tells her not to get into the middle of her and Joshua. The girls start arguing about who gets to fuck him, but there’s no way they will settle this, so they try the easiest solution: competing for his cock! The stepsisters share Joshua’s boner and let him get away with whatever he wants to decide who’s the best catch for him.
Scarlet’s Rigorous Training 43:38
Scarlet’s Rigorous Training 43:38 Scarlet trusts her stepfamily to the utmost extent, so when it comes time for her training to be a woman, she’s entirely on board. Yet Scarlet soon learns that her stepmom and stepnana's training is quite intense, and their intentions are much more sexual than she initially realized. But Scarlet doesn’t want to disappoint Cherry or Molly, so she continues to give the training her all. Scarlet has her work cut out for her, as Cherry and Molly expect Scarlet to be able to handle intense fingering, and most importantly, she needs to know how to suck and fuck cock like a pro. That’s where her stepbrother Anthony comes into the mix. Using Anthony’s cock, Xherry and Molly teach Scarlet every lesson in the book. Soon, Scarlet is getting her pussy filled around the clock. Anthony pumps his stepsister’s perfect vag with everything he’s got, making sure not to hold back, always giving her the messiest loads he can.
Sunbathing In Cock 35:40
Sunbathing In Cock 35:40 Red is definitely Addis Fouche's color as she sunbathes in a bright one-piece. Addis needs some more oil, and as she rubs it on her smooth skin while chatting with her friend, Derek Savage offers to help with her back and her booty. Soon he's playing with her pretty pierced tits, and Addis eagerly sucks his big dick, 69ing on the outdoor bed. Addis rides that cock and cums hard as Derek fucks her oiled-up pussy doggystyle, then takes a huge load on her booty.
An Ass Full Of Pure Intentions 41:05
An Ass Full Of Pure Intentions 41:05 Nichole Saphi and Dan Damage, a couple working on their modesty and upstanding moral ethics, have agreed not to have sex before marriage. While they have pure intentions, their sinful pasts are starting to catch up with them – especially blonde Nichole, who is reaching the end of her rope – she doesn’t just want to fuck, she wants it in her ass! Nichole starts to seduce Dan back into their old ways, but he manages to resist. Tattooed Nichole has had enough and needs to get fucked NOW. When Dan is off conferring with a higher power, Nichole arranges an anonymous hookup, sparing Dan from temptation while getting her fill of dick. However, Dan comes home while big-titted Nichole is getting it on with anon Alex Jones and the prospect of a sloppy, anal, threesome sends him over the edge! He gives into temptation, and he and Alex take turns filling Nichole's tight, wet holes.
Sexy student Kimora Quin keeps her professor after class so she can get the D 31:06
Sexy student Kimora Quin keeps her professor after class so she can get the D 31:06 Kimora Quin stops be her favorite professor's to get some after school cock, but seems like her professor is in a hurry as he has plans with his wife. Kimora can't let her professor's wife get to that cock first so she does everything she can to make sure that her prof. cums on her before going home to the ol' ball and chain.
Lesbian Stepsisters 13 - Scene 3 - Keep It In The Family 26:27
Lesbian Stepsisters 13 - Scene 3 - Keep It In The Family 26:27 Lesbian stepsisters are brining the heat! Its about to get extra nasty! Dripping wet pussies and hot sex is explosive! Do not miss these babes in hot action!
Petite redhead perfectly pleasured 28:40
Petite redhead perfectly pleasured 28:40 Muscular heartthrob Deny gently rubs Kaira Love’s glistening hot body, worshipping her small, natural tits before working his way down to her wet pussy. Aroused, the horny Czech babe treats her lover to an oily handjob before wrapping her sweet lips around his thick, juicy cock, and then she moans softly as she rides him in reverse. Next, the ripped Euro penetrates flame-haired Kaira in a sexy side fuck on the floor before putting her on all fours to fuck her doggystyle. When it’s time to cum, Deny jerks himself off before spilling his load in Kaira’s mouth, and the beautiful redhead makes sure to lick up every last drop!
Learning Some New Moves 31:27
Learning Some New Moves 31:27 This season on Dating my Stepson, we're taking a new twist. The guys are looking for love, but they need to date the potential girlfriend's mom first. If it works out, he'll date the daughter right on the spot. Today's date is Rion King trying to impress Crystal Rush, mom to McKenzie.
My Holes Are Ready 28:52
My Holes Are Ready 28:52 April Olsen, one of the latest and hottest additions to the x YesGirlz series, was lured to perform with one promise: ass-fucking. Her luscious holes are ready to pack some meat, and she likes it rough, so Daniel will have to really drill them if she wants the young girl to be happy. She is also eager to scream her brains out if she fucked hard, her one and only wish. Let’s just hope Daniel keeps up his promise and treats these nice girl’s holes to an intense fuck sesh.
Bitchy Boss Gets Dommed 48:55
Bitchy Boss Gets Dommed 48:55 Adira Allure is the new head bitch in charge at the office or so she thinks. She has an equally competitive co-boss Danny Steele who is ready to put her in her place when the time comes. Adira exerts her dominance but Danny puts his dominance into action by teaching Adira that good things can happen when you obey.
We Are Just Best Friends 35:49
We Are Just Best Friends 35:49 I picked up a couple of absolute bangers in the Fake Taxi today. Emily Pink and Mellany Lapiedra were on their way to a party, but they decided they wanted to have some fun with me first! I found somewhere quiet to park up, and then I joined the smokin' hot nymphs in the back of the cab. They made out with each other and played with my rock-hard cock, and then they treated me to a sexy double blowjob! The naughty minxes took turns riding me in cowgirl, and then I did some spooning in the backseat with stocking-clad babe Mellany while Emily rubbed her clit to orgasm. Afterwards, I fucked their tight pussies in missionary and doggystyle before spunking on their faces! With the cab fare paid, Colombian stunner Emily and her blonde-haired BFF made sure to lick up every last drop of cum off my dick before we hit the road again!
Wrestling Buddies 43:44
Wrestling Buddies 43:44 May, 2024 Xochi has a big crush on her stepbrother, Donnie. He’s been wrestling for a long time, and his dedication to the sport rubs off on Xochi (not to mention it turns her on immensely). Xochi wants to take advantage of some private lessons with Donnie, where she’ll really learn everything about wrestling. The two go at it, and it isn’t long before Donnie becomes as hard as a rock. After all, his stepsister is smoking hot. She’s everything you want in a cute and slutty stepsis and then some. Xochi notices Donnie’s bulge and wants a close peak, so she proposes they wrestle naked. Donnie knows it’s risky business messing around with his stepsister like this. It’s not necessarily orthodox to wrestle your naked stepsis, but when the fuck is Donnie going to get a chance like this again? The two strip naked and go at it. Xochi quickly finds herself enamored by Donnie’s cock. She can’t help but slip it in her mouth to get a taste. Donnie follows her lead and eats her pussy. The two have a massive built-up sexual tension between them that is coming to its peak, and they’re both beyond excited to finally fuck. Donnie fills his stepsister’s pussy up with every inch of his throbbing cock, making sure to go in as deep as he can. He wants her to quiver with delight and treat Xochi with love that can only come from a stepbrother. After fucking her for as long as he can last, he shoots his load and gives Xochi a creamy load to savor and enjoy.
Dad's spoiled girlfriend, Kiki Klout, receives a thick bar of white chocolate with nuts for Mother's Day 24:57
Dad's spoiled girlfriend, Kiki Klout, receives a thick bar of white chocolate with nuts for Mother's Day 24:57 It's Mother's day and Ethan's dad insisted he get Kiki Klout something nice for the special occasion. But Ethan could care less since Kiki is not his mom. But when Kiki threatens to tell Ethan's dad that he wasn't very thoughtful and that his allowance should be better off with her, Ethan acts quick to please her. He comes back with her favorite treat -- a big thick bar of white chocolate with nuts!
Blonde teen fucks lesbian MILF maid 20:05
Blonde teen fucks lesbian MILF maid 20:05 Blonde-haired English beauty Ellie Shou is busy masturbating in her room when the sexy maid (Suzi Grande) walks in. Undeterred, the horny Brit continues playing with her pussy while big-boobed Suzi goes about cleaning her room, and then Ellie invites the curvaceous MILF to join her on the bed! The beautiful lesbians passionately kiss before Ellie pulls down Suzi’s thong and eats her out, and then the slim nymph tribs on Suzi’s snatch while playing with her big, juicy titties. Afterwards, the gorgeous Euros pleasure each other by 69ing, and then Ellie fingers Suzi until she climaxes!
Can You Handle A Woman Like Me 33:34
Can You Handle A Woman Like Me 33:34 Kai Jaxon is such a slob, and his stepmom Huneybaked is constantly cleaning up after him. She's on her knees mumbling about Kai when he comes up behind her and sees the way her miniskirt hikes up. Turning around and seeing her stepson, Huneybaked tells him that he wouldn't know what to do with a woman like her. Later, Kai is in his room lazing around when Huneybaked asks if he's in his room playing with his mini dick. When Kai claims he's got a big one, Huneybaked tells him to pull it out. She's impressed with the size, so much so that she has to lay hands on it and begin stroking. Once she begins sucking Kai off it's a foregone conclusion where this is going to go. Soon enough the bigtit mum is riding Kai's cock in cowgirl. She gets some in reverse cowgirl next, letting her stepson enjoy that big booty. After taking a pussy pounding on her back, Huneybaked gets on her knees to get dicked down in doggy. She finishes Kai with a blowjob and then slurps up the cum that misses her mouth so she gets every drop.
Egg Prank On Stepmom Turns Sexy 36:20
Egg Prank On Stepmom Turns Sexy 36:20 Not only did her new stepson leave an egg in her boot, he hides and puts one on the bed right where she sits down! That's the last straw for Blondie Fesser, who vows to teach Jordi El Nino Polla a lesson. She makes him wipe the egg off her big booty, then pushes his face between her cheeks, but the punishment makes him hard! Blondie takes out that big dick, strokes and sucks it, then slides it between her huge tits. Blondie rides his face and then his cock, showing the Little Humper she means business, then teaches him how to fuck her!
Big ass Spanish babe loves cheating 29:05
Big ass Spanish babe loves cheating 29:05 I was walking around late one evening when I bumped into this sexy lady named Nuria Milan. I suspected my girlfriend was cheating on me, so as revenge, I paid Nuria a few euros in exchange for sexual favours. After flashing me her beautiful pussy, Nuria accompanied me back to my apartment, where she got on her knees and sucked me off! Following a fantastic blowjob, the raven-haired babe jumped on my cock and rode it expertly in cowgirl and reverse while I spanked her big ass red-raw, and then she spread her legs and took a missionary-style fucking. To finish, I flipped the Spanish slut over and banged her from behind in doggy until I pulled out and spunked a thick load directly into her mouth!