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Enchanted 23:15
Enchanted 23:15 Whenever Sharon White is feeling the need to have a good time, she knows all she has to do is slip into sexy lingerie and her boyfriend Henry Spunks will give her anything she wants. Knowing that Henry is watching her with hot eyes as she gets ready, Sharon takes her time. When she's finally in her high heels, sheer stockings, and hot lingerie, she enters the room to get their party started. Joining Henry in bed, Sharon arches her back so that he can indulge in her firm titties. He goes straight to work, kneading with his hands and sucking with his sweet lips. In return, Sharon slides her hand down Henry's chest until she reaches the bulge in his briefs. Pulling that nice hardon out, Sharon dips her head to deliver a languorous blowjob. For her trouble, Sharon finds herself with her back against the pillows and Henry hovering above her. It's his time to slide his palm down Sharon's front. When he reaches her pussy, he tugs the panties aside so he can deliver a nice finger bang. Leaning down, Henry adds his tongue to the equation to really get Sharon primed. Only then does he shift to kneel between Sharon's thighs and shove deep into that cram filled coochie. Rolling onto her side, Sharon mewls in delight as Henry spoons behind her. Lifting her thigh, Sharon takes it like the champ she is. She sets the pace next as she rolls Henry onto his back so she can ride him nice and slow in cowgirl. Things only speed up when Sharon turns around for reverse cowgirl action that has her throwing her head back in pleasure. When Sharon gets on her knees, Henry knows just what she wants. He slams back home, thrusting his hips to keep the time Sharon is setting with her own rocking motion. When she's finally sated, Sharon rolls onto her back and delivers a titty fuck that helps Henry get off too.
Naughty Housemate Sophie Weber Joins In With Strap On To DP Mary Frost 43:04
Naughty Housemate Sophie Weber Joins In With Strap On To DP Mary Frost 43:04 Brunette hottie Mary Frost makes some tea and serves up a sweet treat to her housemate, Sophie Weber. They enjoy some time together before Sophie heads for a shower. While she is enjoying the warm water, Sophie starts to feel horny and slips her hand down to play with her pussy. Mary hears her groaning from next door and peeks through the door at her stunning housemate. It doesn't take long before these beauties are back in the kitchen, completely naked! They pleasure each others pussies and then head into the lounge, armed with a strap on! They surprise Mary's husband, Sam with a double blowjob, slurping on his shaft together. After Sam fucks both girls, Sophie wears the strap on and gives Mary some DP action in her pussy and ass!
Passport Problems? 32:25
Passport Problems? 32:25 Steve Q poses as a visa inspector to check Lucy Mendez and her boyfriend’s passports. After separating the couple, Steve takes the opportunity to get down and dirty with Lucy, who swallows up the well-hung hunk’s throbbing erection in a sexy blowjob before spreading her legs and inviting him to eat her out! With her small, perky titties on display, the tattooed babe takes a missionary-style pounding, and then the horny pair enjoy a side-fuck on the bed until Lucy hops on top and bounces on Steve’s cock in cowglrl. After squirting her orgasm everywhere, the Venezuelan beauty’s cuckolded boyfriend joins in to make it a wild threesome! Lucy takes turns sucking and fucking the two studs, and then she kneels down and slurps up their cum following a messy double facial!
Cum Swapping Threesomes 5 - Scene 3 - Cum Trading 24:38
Cum Swapping Threesomes 5 - Scene 3 - Cum Trading 24:38 Hot and hungry cum sluts are ready to trade cum in their mouths! These babes know what they want and won't stop until they get what they want!
Dinner Guest Dines On Wife's Pussy 34:04
Dinner Guest Dines On Wife's Pussy 34:04 Between the horny hostess (Serenity Cox) and a horny guest couple (Kyle Mason and Annie King), this simple dinner party was always destined to get sexy and dirty. Sneaky fucking, sneaky handjobs, cum flying everywhere... all under Serenity's hubby's nose!
Graduation 34:12
Graduation 34:12 Crystal Rush and Suki Sin watch fondly as their stepsons get ready for graduation. Suki goes to her stepson, Juan Loco, and asks for a photo. Her tits are falling out of her shirt as Crystal obliges. Just as Crystal is about to ask Suki to return the favor with her stepson Ricky Spanish, Juan asks Suki for a handjob. Seeing the confusion on her friends' faces, Suki explains that she helps her stepson blow off nerves. She offers to show Crystal and Ricky. When Ricky announces he's been super stressed out, Suki offers to help him, too. Eventually, Crystal is coaxed into helping Suki out because she can't blow both stepsons at once. Crystal takes Juan, while Suki takes Ricky in her mouth. The blowjobs are taking too long, so Suki moves to the couch so Ricky can do her in doggy. Crystal agrees to go for it with Juan as she lays on her back getting her cooch stuffed. The ladies agree to swap so they're fucking their own stepsons with Crystal riding Juan in cowgirl and Suki riding Ricky in reverse cowgirl. The ladies swap partners so now Crystal is giving it to Ricky in reverse cowgirl while Suki does Juan in cowgirl. On her back, Suki takes a pussy pounding from Juan until he pulls out to nut on her. Crystal enjoys similar treatment from Ricky as she kneels before him, enjoying his deep thrusts until he blows.
Stunner MILF Jennifer Cant Resist Young Actors Cock 36:32
Stunner MILF Jennifer Cant Resist Young Actors Cock 36:32 A married woman helps an endeavouring actor get into character.
Slutty Roommate Swapfest 41:36
Slutty Roommate Swapfest 41:36 The licking and the sucking are never ending in this take of swapping roomies. Mariana Matrix and LaPaisita thoroughly enjoy one another until Jordi El Nino Polla comes in and breaks up the fun. LaPaisita takes care of her man but not without Mariana wanting to get hers too, don’t worry LaPaisita is wet enough for the both of them. Just watch!
Bigger Than My Boyfriend 26:53
Bigger Than My Boyfriend 26:53 Kimora is ready to have sex with her nerdy boyfriend, but he doesn’t want to because her stepdad Vince is home and he has explicitly forbidden his baby girl from having sex in her room. Defeated, Kimora goes to the kitchen to get some snacks for his loser boyfriend and discovers that her stepdad has gotten stuck in a cabinet! When she tries to help, his pants and underwear come off and she discovers that her stepdad’s cock is so much bigger than her boyfriend’s. Feeling frisky, Kimora decides to have some fun with her stepdad’s cock until he creampies her.
PRINCESS ALICE'S SWEET ANAL TEMPTATION 39:25 Princess Alice looks as tempting as ever today dressed up like a schoolgirl with white thigh-high stockings accented with a bow in the back, glasses framing her pretty face, and sucking teasingly on a lollipop. Watch on as the nubile brunette babe masturbates her horny pussy, fingering herself vigorously, until Josh arrives. He hungrily sucks on her puffy nipples and proceeds to fuck all her holes. A phenomenal blowjob and pounding her tight asshole is sweeter than candy.
Instant Connection 33:13
Instant Connection 33:13 There are no guys in the club, and Dan is looking for a good time. When she runs into a guy outside, she decides to be spontaneous and find it!
Renata Fox is Horny for DP 30:41
Renata Fox is Horny for DP 30:41 Always sexy and always horny, Renata Fox is a stunning Russian babe who has come looking for one thing… a DP threesome. And that’s exactly what we’re going to give her today in DP Fantasies 7! We serve up only the best sex for our ravenous nymphos here at Private, and for Renata today, that means a double portion of cock in the form of Potro and Juan Lucho, which she happily devours with a couple of deepthroat blowjobs before offering up her beautiful pussy and tight little ass for a hard anal and DP pounding that climaxes with two facial cumshots!
Concept: My First Job 41:12
Concept: My First Job 41:12 What’s up, TeamSkeet fans? Let’s get right to the fun, as another Labs update is coming your way. We all know that a first job can be tedious and full of surprises. That’s why, for this concept, we went all out and wanted to showcase some of the sexier and more risque things that can occur during someone’s first job! Teen babes are constantly jumping from job to job, but sometimes, they must do whatever it takes to save the job they already have. In this episode, Abby works as a server, though her lack of experience is evident. Scott is not so pleased with her performance, and in no time flat, he’s ready to fire her. Abby doesn’t want to lose her job and is prepared to show Scott she has other skills, even if she isn’t the best server. It’s her first job, but she knows what guys like, and she submits to Scott’s sexual wishes.
Break Time 49:15
Break Time 49:15 It isn't Eliza's fault her boyfriend invited his friend to stay with them, or that her friend has it on good authority that the guy is hung. Now it's Eliza's turn to be the one at fault.
Hotel Vixen Season 2 Episode 8 Satisfied Customer 43:03
Hotel Vixen Season 2 Episode 8 Satisfied Customer 43:03 VIP Jia returns for another steamy hotel experience. This time, she brings her friend Lily along knowing the staff will know how to mend a broken heart. Part 8 of 12. The hotel heats up on TUSHY.
Hotel Vixen Season 2 Episode 9 Going Stag 44:59
Hotel Vixen Season 2 Episode 9 Going Stag 44:59 When the groom finds out his fiancee cheated at her bachelorette party, the hotel's management schemes to make sure the wedding goes ahead. If that means getting him laid at his bachelor party by Sia, and Lumi, AND Megan, then desperate times call for desperate measures. Part 9 of 12. The hotel heats up on VIXEN.
Essie Got Back wants her friend's husband's cock pounding her tight pussy 45:57
Essie Got Back wants her friend's husband's cock pounding her tight pussy 45:57 Essie Got Back is getting ready to fly home after spending a great time with her friend and friend's husband. She is sad to leave because she wanted to get laid but didn't manage to pick up anyone. Since her friend sleeps like a rock, she figures she could fuck fuck Max and scream without waking her friend up and seeing his dripping cum all over her pretty face.
Muscle Mommies Compilation 75:16
Muscle Mommies Compilation 75:16 What’s up, TeamSkeet fans? It’s time to jump into another Selects update! For this go around, we’re celebrating all the wonderful muscle mommies. There is something particularly exciting about muscle mommies. They have a strong, commanding presence and love taking cock. Watching these fit babes work both their submissive and dominant sides all at once is always thrilling. We knew we had to showcase some of our favorite babes on the site and show off their powerful statures. See these muscley babes suck cock and get fucked hard!
Fantasy Blonde Britt Has The Tightest Ass 29:21
Fantasy Blonde Britt Has The Tightest Ass 29:21 Blonde bombshell Britt Blair is pretty in pink, plugged up, and ready for a pounding!
Charlotte Sins Wants Anal Bad 24:15
Charlotte Sins Wants Anal Bad 24:15 Charlotte Sins is a hot, tall brunette with some bomb tattoos. She first does a nice, slow dance in her slutty black lingerie, then sucks a dick right there in the open on the balcony. After getting her pussy fucked, she can't wait to get it in her asshole and that's what she gets. She gets her asshole fucked hard and finally gets down on her knees to get a facial.
For The Thrill Of It 35:22
For The Thrill Of It 35:22 Melissa and Seth already have a familiar connection and expand on that in this hot and intense scene. They indulge in every part of each other and fuck in a bunch of positions. The energy is high throughout the scene and Seth helps Melissa cum multiple times. There's POV during the riding as Melissa uses his cock. Seth includes a hitachi and has her overwhelmed with pleasure. The scene ends with POV of Melissa sucking his cock and draining all of his cum in her mouth.
My StepDaddy Is My Number 1 Fan 39:29
My StepDaddy Is My Number 1 Fan 39:29
Bella Blu Has A Bull Deliver A Big Back Door Package 30:00
Bella Blu Has A Bull Deliver A Big Back Door Package 30:00 Luck has landed right on sexy slutty married Bella Blu's new BBC neighbor, Isiah Maxwell, when one of his packages landed at her front door. Overjoyed Bella took this opportunity to let her husband know she was going to go over and deliver his package and introduce herself. With cock on her mind she invites herself in, making herself comfortable on his couch and quickly gives up her intentions of having some fun. Isiah getting the big hint, whips out his big black dick as Bella drops to her knees admiring his hard throbbing cock, in all it's glory, as she feasts on it down to the back of her throat. Dolled up cute and ready in her crotchless panties, Isiah slides in her hot tight wet pussy, giving her the package she was hoping for, but did not see a second special delivery slipping in thru her back door for a wonderful deep anal fuck and mouthful of hot creamy BBC cum, getting exactly what she came for. Some good black dick deep in her ass!
Miracle Milk 42:09
Miracle Milk 42:09 Chad has been acting up, and his hot Asian stepmom, Krystal, wants to help get him back on track. She recently heard from a friend about the benefits of breast milk and how it helps with focus and behavior. Desperate to help Chad, Krystal feeds Chad her sweet breast milk. Chad feels immediately revitalized, and additionally, he feels a sudden connection to his stepmom, which he hasn’t felt in a very long time. Krystal notices Chad’s behavior change and works to get more milk for him. Later, Chad gets right to the source of the tap. Krystal lets Chad suck on her tits before she sucks his cock. She wants some milk, too, and strokes her stepson’s cock until he shoots out his load. Their lust for one another comes to an all-time high, and soon, Krystal can’t resist her stepson any longer. She enters his room and strips down to fishnet lingerie. She sucks Chad’s cock before letting him take her pussy. Chad fucks his stepmom hard, pounding her pussy and filling her up. When he can no longer hold his load, he cums all over her face, giving her the milk she craves.
AMIEE CAMBRIDGE - BBC WORSHIP 10:48 'So you're here for some stamina training today, so you can up your endurance?' Amiee Cambridge asks you. 'Take that cock for me, and I will help train you to push yourself to the limits,' Amiee explains. You take your cock out but you're currently soft, and Amiee wants to help you change that. She lifts up her t-shirt, revealing her big tits to you. 'Your cock is still not getting hard! Are you gay?' Amiee questions you. 'I'm not gay!' you reply. Amiee has a solution to your problem; She has a team player here today, and he has a huge BBC. She brings him out, and his BBC is just flopping next to Amiee. 'I know you claim you're not gay, but you seem to be getting turned on by this BBC...' Amiee comments. Amiee takes her hand and she starts to stroke his huge cock, while you watch and stroke your own cock. Now your cock is finally rock hard! 'Slow it down!' Amiee reminds you. 'I can barely wrap my fingers around this BBC,' Amiee reminds you. 'Are you jealous? Do you wish your cock with this big?' she giggles at you. 'Oh you're definitely gay for the BBC! That is nothing to be ashamed of!' she exclaims. 'You can stroke your cock a little faster now,' she allows. She reminds you that you're not allowed to cum until she tells you too, though. 'Stroke your cock the same way that you would stroke this BBC,' she says. 'Let's see how much control you have. I'm going to give you a cum countdown, and when I get to 1, you will finally be allowed to cum. You're not allowed to cum sooner!' she exclaims. '10, 9, 8, 7, look at his big cock, 6, 5, 4, 3, 2, imagine your mouth on it, 1... and now you're finally allowed to cum!' she moans. Your cock explodes at the end...
YOU CAN'T RESIST NICOLE 64:30 Nicole Aria is a cutie with a totally fuckable booty! She’s got an irresistible smile and a sensitive little asshole that’s in need of a good, hard fuck! She’ll suck some dick to get it wet & hard enough to poke through her tight ass! Once its in, it’s locked in giving Nicole the deepest anal orgasms she could ever ask for!
Money Talks: Games Galore 43:09
Money Talks: Games Galore 43:09 Luna Star is in Miami looking for people willing to get wild on camera, and she doesn't have to go far. She runs into a busty redhead who flashes for cash, who brings her back to party with all her naughty pals! After a "What's in her mouth?" game, it's time for vibrator races, and winner Anna Kovachenko lets Luna watch her play with her toy for another bill. Selina Bentz and Shrooms Q play a dare game that has them stripping and even sucking Logan Staxx, then Violet Gems and Rocket Powers play the final game with a line of sexy props, and Luna joins in to share Rocket's cock!
Squirting Stunner 39:42
Squirting Stunner 39:42 You won't believe how much this lady squirts! It's like every thrust is enough to make her cum. She makes a mess all over the couch while getting her soaking wet pussy pounded by dick
Molly, Our Gracious Host 45:10
Molly, Our Gracious Host 45:10 Gal and Anthony are excited to get away from the stress of life and vacation for a while. They stay at a home hosted by Molly. She’s very gracious and just a bit horny. The mature babe has the hots for the couple and suggests they’ll have plenty of room to mess around in the house. Gal and Anthony think Molly is just being cheeky, but when Molly spies on the couple while Gal sucks Anthony’s cock, they get the feeling she wants to join in on the fun. Molly soon gets her chance to join in. Gal and Molly share Anthony’s cock, taking turns riding his cock, and making sure to give each other attention, too. It’s fun for Gal and Anthony to mess around with an older milf. Her experience goes a long way in the bedroom, and the threesome is outrageously kinky. Anthony shoots his load when he can no longer hold it in, giving the ladies a creamy load to enjoy.
Late Night Option 34:15
Late Night Option 34:15 Liz's vibrator dies right as she's about to cum hard! Jason is in her DMs - should she do it?
FRUITS AND SEX - PART 1 18:07 Hot Colombian Naty Delgado got a job in a fruit store. She offers seasonal fruit to gentlemen to eat on her naked
Creampie Explosion 51:06
Creampie Explosion 51:06 Ellie has curves that are irresistible to any man. Shoving her big naturals in Madison's face as she climbs onto his hard cock, she gets her pussy pounded from behind, her juicy ass jiggling with every thrust. With those massive melons swinging, she drains every drop of jizz from his balls into her soaking wet cunt.
Nympho Nurse Martina Smeraldi Likes It Kinky During DP Threesome 51:03
Nympho Nurse Martina Smeraldi Likes It Kinky During DP Threesome 51:03 Stunning babe Martina Smeraldi feels extra horny as she arrives for work at the clinic. This little minx playfully explores the tools and instruments at hand and decides to pleasure herself while she waits for her boss, David to arrive. She hops onto the examination chair and slides her fingers inside her pussy, making it nice and juicy when David catches her in the act! He can't believe his nurse would behave in such an unprofessional manner and decides to teach Martina a lesson. After binding her wrists and ankles with bandages to the chair, dominant David gives her a BDSM session to remember! He tweaks and pumps her nipples before working on Martina's pussy with metal medical tools! This hot duo are soon joined by their first client, Emmanuel who jumps headfirst into the situation. Together David and Emmanuel spank Martina's bubble butt and fuck her holes before DPing her, balls-deep!
Hotel Vixen Season 2 Episode 7 Bachelorette Getaway 49:48
Hotel Vixen Season 2 Episode 7 Bachelorette Getaway 49:48 Lia and Vanessa are supposed to keep it classy for Eve's bachelorette party, but when the bride-to-be confesses she can't stop think about screwing around before she walks down the aisle a massage for one becomes a four-way fuckfest. Part 7 of 12. The hotel heats up on BLACKED.
I Am Your Birthday Gift 43:37
I Am Your Birthday Gift 43:37 Hazel didn’t get Ken anything for his birthday. However, this busty and hot teen comes up with an idea. What if the gift is actually… herself? Fully available for anything he wants, even if that includes tying her arms to her legs! Who doesn’t want someone like Hazel? Her petite and sweet tits and curvy are the perfect gift for Ken, who loves rubbing those juicy jugs before the small girl swallows his cock. Nothing says “I love you” like giving a guy a tight pussy to use as he pleases.