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Quarterback Pounding 34:17
Quarterback Pounding 34:17 Martina Smeradli is obsessed with her quarterback stepbrother Xander Corvus. Not only is he the star of the team but he’s hot and all the girls want him. Luckily for Martina, she has exclusive access to him, his room is across the hall after all. The only problem is he doesn’t see her the same way but don’t worry this doesn’t deter the curvy stepsis, she has a plan to get all his attention
Gal By Alexis And Hollywood 36:10
Gal By Alexis And Hollywood 36:10 British babe Gal Ritchie takes us behind the scenes for a candid look at her preparing for her big threesome scene with Alexis Tae and Hollywood Cash. With no script to follow, today’s all about giving Gal an unforgettable first-time experience with two hot performers she’s been really excited to fuck! Once Hollywood arrives on set, the girls are ready to go, wasting no time to get down and dirty with the big-dicked stud!
My Sweet Akane 65:04
My Sweet Akane 65:04 Akane may seem like a timid Asian babe, but underneath her innocent exterior is a babe looking to get fucked hard. She gives up her pussy for Doggy HaruHaze to enjoy. The lucky stud pounds Akane hard until his cock is pumping cum deep inside of Akane’s pussy.
Olympic Fuck 44:39
Olympic Fuck 44:39 What’s up, TeamSkeet fans? Craving for a fine babe in a concealing hijab? Then check out this classic Hijab Hookups scene featuring the stunning Destiny Cruz! Released on November 28, 2021, the story goes that our gorgeous girl is training for the Olympics. Destiny is one competitive gal, with a smoking-hot body that proves it, and she lives by the “no pain, no gain” motto. Yet, she can’t really afford a coach to train her, so when Tommy Wood steps up to guide her for free, she feels the need to repay him somehow. Plus, she notices how well-hung her coach is as his bulge becomes more and more noticeable, so what better way to show her gratitude than sucking his notorious dick? Below her traditional attire, Destiny’s wearing some slutty lingerie, the proof of her eagerness to undergo a harder training. Tommy can’t say no to the opportunity of drilling the cute girl’s tight pussy–the cardio that Destiny enjoys the most!
Three Can Play This Game 44:55
Three Can Play This Game 44:55 Daniela arranged a hot date with a handsome stud, yet she is quite surprised when she shows up at the loft to find two sexy men. Brad and Erik are just arguing about something else, but Daniela sees it as an opportunity to have two hunks catering to her lustful needs. The two friends look at each other shocked, but they can hardly say no to such a hot babe as Daniela. Soon, the two are kissing the bodacious lady, caressing her soft tits to help her relax. This opens Daniela’s appetite for cock, dropping to her knees to savor both dicks at the same time. The idea of getting stuffed from both ends makes Daniela wet, so she jumps at the chance of getting her pussy and mouth fucked at the same time. Yet, nothing makes Daniela hornier than getting her face filled with cum, especially by the courtesy of not one but two loaded cocks.
Cards On The Table - Episode 2 40:23
Cards On The Table - Episode 2 40:23 New waitress Wendy (Lilly Bell) gets two surprising propositions in one day working at the casino: first, a pair of escorts suggest she switch to their line of work to make more money. And croupier Wyatt (Isiah Maxwell) reveals that he's an undercover cop, and he asks her to help his investigation! Wendy counters with a proposition of her own, because she's never fucked a cop before. Wyatt's willing to play her kind of hardball and gives her his hard cock, but will Wendy be able to help bring down Jack Staal and her boss's money laundering operation?
Slip N' Slide Into Pussy 39:27
Slip N' Slide Into Pussy 39:27 Luna Luxe and Selina Bentz taunt all their fans who are stuck in college classes today, because they're having fun in the sun by the pool! They get each other all wet with a water fight, then strip down to their bikinis and oil each other up on the pool float. They lie on a towel on the grass to lick each other, and Luna pulls out a double-ended dildo to slide into Selina's tight pussy! Selina uses the toy on Luna before they both share it, then slip and slide their oily pussies against each other as they scissor!
The Broken Condom 25:05
The Broken Condom 25:05 Pavlos Hard shows up for his date with raven-haired goddess Ebony Mystique, who immediately showers the handsome stud in kisses before burying his face in her huge fake boobs! After shaking her big, juicy bubble butt, Ebony moans loudly as Pavlos eats out her pussy, and then she returns the favour by gobbling up his rock-hard cock in a deepthroat, sloppy blowjob. Following a sexy titfuck, the vivacious cumslut plants her snatch on Pavlos’ face for a tongue-fucking, and then she spreads her legs and invites the hunk to bang her in missionary on the bed, orgasming multiple times. The horny couple end the session with Ebony bouncing on Pavlos’ long, thick dick in cowgirl and reverse until the hot Euro pulls out just in time to spunk a creamy load all over Ebony’s jiggling booty!
Direct Deposit 34:27
Direct Deposit 34:27 Holly had a terrible car accident, but she is almost fully recovered thanks to her stepbrother Max’s help. The guy is a doctor and oversaw the whole recovery process, catering to each of her needs. Now that the young girl is feeling better, she is ready to realize her life-long dream: becoming a mother. There’s just one catch–she doesn’t have a boyfriend! Holly doesn’t think this is a problem, as she has Max for that. Her stepbrother is a bit uneasy about the idea, but Holly assures him that just a direct deposit should do. Soon, Max starts pumping Holly’s pussy, building up some sweet juice to impregnate his stepsis. Holly helps Max by enticing him, begging him to cum inside of her. Max just loves the way his stepsister gets the milk out of him, warming up to fill her cunt with his seed.
Hottest Feature Babes 90:22
Hottest Feature Babes 90:22 What’s up, TeamSkeet fans? You all know we love our feature films, so for this Selects update, we’re showcasing some of the hottest moments that TeamSkeet Features offers! Our feature-length films are near and dear to our hearts as they’re a special presentation of just how much we love crafting kinky content. We knew we had to make a compilation showing off some of the hottest babes within the TeamSkeet Features cinematic universe. The babes in these scenes are horny beyond belief, and they’re always looking to get their pussies or mouths filled with cock. See chicks like Allie Addison, Chanel Camryn, Scarlett Alexis, and many more!
Cock In The Common Room 38:05
Cock In The Common Room 38:05 Jordi El Nino Polla and his buddy are playing video games in the common room at their college when they receive a flirty greeting from pretty redhead Lilly Mays. The guys argue over who gets to go talk to her, and Jordi's friend wins, but Lilly flirts with Jordi behind his back! She sucks Jordi's cock while his friend games, and tries to stay quiet while she takes that big dick in her pussy.
What She Really Wants For Mother’s Day 36:39
What She Really Wants For Mother’s Day 36:39 Hot MILF Ashlyn Peaks has been getting it on with her son’s college buddy, Jimmy Michaels. She’s been so busy getting dicked down by a younger guy that she barely knows (or cares) what day it is. When Ashlyn’s son and daughter stop by to surprise her on Mother’s Day while she’s in the middle of getting hot and heavy with Jimmy, she’s caught off guard and tells her fuck buddy to sneak out of the house before he’s seen. However, horny Jimmy would rather have some sneaky fun and keep fucking his big natural beauty behind the siblings’ backs – and Ashlyn just can’t resist his big cock! Afterall, this is her day, and she should get what she really wants!
Horny Cosplay Cutie Fists Gorgeous Ginger Goddess 35:20
Horny Cosplay Cutie Fists Gorgeous Ginger Goddess 35:20 Aubree just wants to get dicked by her boyfriend, Small Hands – but he is too busy playing video games. Aubree decides to surprise fist her roommate Abigaiil instead – and it goes well at first – but Aubree ends up with her fist stuck in Abi! As much as they try to avoid it, they have to ask for Small Hands’ help getting her free – which leads to a totally depraved threesome!
Come and Fuck Me Right Now 45:43
Come and Fuck Me Right Now 45:43
Café Au Lay 25:37
Café Au Lay 25:37 Your May Twistys Treat of the Month Kazumi thought a trip to the cute café with her boyfriend would be fun and romantic, but turns out to be annoying when he ignores her and spends the whole time on his phone! Luckily, pretty waitress Nicole Doshi flirts with the blonde, and before long she's licking Kazumi on the counter. When the BF goes to the bathroom, the babes play, licking each other, scissoring, and 69ing on the floor. Kazumi fingers Nicole till she squirts, and Nicole gives her favorite customer a special on the house.
Poolside Facial 26:36
Poolside Facial 26:36 Amaris loves getting fucked, and even more so when she can catch some sun and get her pussy filled all at once. She and Thomas have some fun fucking by the pool until Thomas busts a heavy load all over Amaris’s face.
Roommate Swoops In On Girlfriend 24:26
Roommate Swoops In On Girlfriend 24:26 Xander Corvus sees the opportunity to shoot his shot when he walks out of his room and into an argument between his roommate and his hot GF, Saba Lapiedra. As the couple storm off, Xander follows Saba to the bedroom to lend a sympathetic ear, and soon he's got a sympathetic hand on her big booty! He hides behind the door and peels off her shorts while her BF comes back to apologize, and Saba sends her dude away because Xander is licking and fucking her pussy so well! They try to stay quiet as Saba sucks his big dick behind her guy's back and gets fucked in the kitchen, then they move to the bathroom where Xander pounds the tattooed hottie and cums on her face!
Now That’s How You Show Appreciation 45:26
Now That’s How You Show Appreciation 45:26 Dre works hard for Joey, and when she has a moment alone with him, she wants to show just how much she appreciates all he’s done for her. Dre grabs Joey by the cock, and he’s caught by surprise. He knows he shouldn’t fuck around with the family babysitter, but with her hand pressed hard against his stiffening cock, it’s hard to resist. She sucks his dick and gets his shaft as far down her throat as she can. Not long after, Dre and Joey go all the way with their little fling, and Joey fills up Dre’s pussy while they fuck on the couch. He fucks the sweet babysitter until he busts a big load all over her face.
Dirty Divorcée Gets All Oiled Up 33:22
Dirty Divorcée Gets All Oiled Up 33:22 Penny Barber is a pissed off ex-wife who needs a little relief from battling her husband and his lawyers all day. A message will do the trick! Vince Karter’s strong hands are almost the touch she needs, oiled up and horny Penny is in the mood for something more. What would be better than a stiff, hard dick? that’s right, recording it all to rub it in her ex’s face.
Healthy Habits, Horny Rewards 51:31
Healthy Habits, Horny Rewards 51:31 What’s up, TeamSkeet fans? Get ready to exercise your cocks with this stunning Dad Crush classic released on December 25, 2021. Starring Lily Lou as the bootylicious gym buff babe, the sexy lady is concerned about her stepdad Bobby’s unhealthy habits. She is afraid he might not watch her grow if he keeps eating like that, so she decides to rub him the right way for him to take care of himself. A couple of squats lead Lily to massage her stepdad’s cock with her luscious booty, prompting Bobby to tickle her pussy. Next, Lily tries to convince stepdaddy to try yoga to get energized, but the guy is just not motivated enough. There’s only one thing left to do: suck his cock to entice him! The results start showing soon after, with Bobby doing push-ups in his room all by himself. With his testosterone levels at an all-time high, Bobby is now beaming with energy. Proud of him, Lily offers her stepdad one more exercise routine: a nasty fuck session. Fucking his stepdaughter’s pussy raw and creaming her eager mouth is the best way to channel his newly-found energy.
Studious Slut Gets Hooked Up 36:00
Studious Slut Gets Hooked Up 36:00 It's hard for glasses-wearing girl-next-door Serena Hill to study when her internet isn't working, so she lets in cable guy Jmac and shows him the problem. She gets horny as she watches him work, and after giving him a peek up her skirt, she changes into lingerie. Jmac sucks her tits and hoists her for an upside-down 69, then hooks her up with a big cock in her tight pussy!
Caught, Stuck, and Fucked 43:26
Caught, Stuck, and Fucked 43:26 Kona and Luna are just two babes who love to party. The sneaky chicks try to come back home undetected, but they’re caught by their stepbrother, Peter. As they try to sneak in through a window, the girls get stuck. Peter uses the situation to his advantage, lifting their skirts and admiring their red undies. The girls are shocked but even more so turned on by their stepbrother when he starts playing with their pussies. They’ve never known their tattle tale stepbrother to be so daring, and now seeing this risque side of him, they’re super horny for him. Peter still wants to snitch on his stepsisters for sneaking out, but the stepsiblings come to an agreement. Now that they’re all horny, Peter is willing to turn a blind eye to their night of partying if they agree to fuck. The girls are more than down for a little fuck sesh, so they move to the living room, where the fun truly begins.
Messy Feet Fuck 33:45
Messy Feet Fuck 33:45 Paisley Porter is on a mission to get her house cleaned, but Keiran Lee can’t help himself when she’s in that cute little apron and her ass hanging out of her booty shorts, it’s like she’s doing this on purpose. Paisley’s housework is in danger of never being completed.
Reforming Sophia: A Brat No More 48:03
Reforming Sophia: A Brat No More 48:03 Sophia needs a serious attitude readjustment, and it seems the only thing that will get through to her is sexual lessons. Her school supervisor, John, enlists Sophia in the Brat Tamer program as a last-ditch effort to attempt to fix her bratty behaviors. This program is no holes barred and isn’t for the weak - it will push Sophia to her edge and ensure she comes out a proper young lady. John starts out their lessons with intense fingering, making Sophia quiver with delight. He wants to make sure the babe knows who is in charge. Sophia, having never submitted to anyone, finds herself in a sexual awakening as she lets someone else be dominant over her. The counselor uses his power over Sophia to show her just how naughty she’s been and that bad girls get taught extreme lessons. Sophia’s pussy has never been so wet, and she finds herself craving more and more attention from John. She can’t let him know the Brat Tamer program is working, so she tries to put on a tough act, but she loves getting her pussy used as John’s pleasure thing. Later, John gets SOphia’s stepmom, Shay, involved. For the Brat Tamer program to be truly effective, Shay needs to know how to reel Sophia in herself. Dressed in kinky leather gear and with her hands bound, Sophia enters the final phase of the Brat Tamer reform program. Shay holds Sophia’s mouth agape as John face fucks the bratty teen. Shay has never seen her stepdaughter submit to anyone like this before, and watching John fuck her stepdaughter is making her oddly horny. Shay joins in on the intense fuck sesh, letting John pound her milf pussy with everything he’s got. John busts a big creamy load for Sophia, and she promises never to be bratty again.
Karen Fucks The Coffee Shop Girl 33:25
Karen Fucks The Coffee Shop Girl 33:25 After getting super angry and impatient waiting in line, Sandy Love goes off at barista Lola Aiko for serving her tap water, tossing the full cup all over her and soaking the teen's white shirt! The annoyed Karen marches behind the bar and tells Lola she'll show her how it's done, and making coffee is just the start. She starts touching the soaking-wet Lola and squirts whip all over her booty, then licks it off. She even fucks Lola's pussy with a dildo as she's bent over the bar. Then it's Lola's turn to lick the MILF, but she has to stay quiet while she gets fucked and licked in front of customers.
Yard Workers 42:36
Yard Workers 42:36
From One Pussy to Another 30:56
From One Pussy to Another 30:56 Even though Kimora’s best friend moved to Europe, she still visits Angelina, her BFF’s mom, to check up on her. Angelina thinks the girl is just being nice, but the truth is that Kimora yearns for a taste of the milf’s pussy. On Mother’s Day, after dropping by Angelina’s place, Kimora overhears her saying she doesn’t care about sex. She’s been divorced for many years and believes her body doesn’t have the need nor the desire to fuck. This awakens Kimora’s desperate desire to seduce her at any cost. This impulsive and daring teen will take it upon herself to show Angelina no matter what’s going on in her life, her cant can always get soaking wet. By the time she’s done with her, Angelina will rediscover the pleasures of the flesh, especially that naughty talent only kinky women know of.
Getting Naughty With Katie 20:07
Getting Naughty With Katie 20:07 Dan loves fucking chicks beside his wife in front of his wife, and Katie is down to make his wife’s cuckqueen fantasy come to life. The lucky stud positions Katie on the bed and gets to work on her perfect pussy, fucking her hard and getting himself deep inside of her. He pounds the sweet chick hard until he can’t hold his load any longer. He busts a nice hot load for the horny chick, letting her savor every drop.
Hottest Creampies Compilation 54:23
Hottest Creampies Compilation 54:23 What’s up, TeamSkeet fans? You know that the only thing hotter than a wet pussy is a cum-dripping cunt, so we have prepared for you this nasty compilation featuring the most delicious creampies from our repertoire. Get a good view of Addis Fouche, Kylie Rocket, Leana Lovings, Stella Luxx, and other gorgeous babes’ luscious pussies as they get stuffed with meat before getting creamed. Enjoy the view of their powerful snatches leaking hot semen in this jaw-dropping collection! Curious to see the complete scenes? Here’s the list for ya: - Kylie’s Lusty Lessons - If It Makes You Stay - Creamy Egg Filling - Our Dirty Little Secret - I Just Want Your Attention - Leave The Shyness Behind - Long-Time Crush - Stuck Ass - Leap Year Birthday Fuck - Do You Want To Come Over?
Miserable Milf 49:23
Miserable Milf 49:23 Lolly’s life went down the drain after school. Now, she is a trashy dame living in a trailer park, and her high school reunion is about to come, so she doesn’t want to show up looking like shit. Yet, she is completely broke, so stealing a cute dress is her last resource. Unfortunately, Officer Max catches her immediately, threatening to press charges on her. Lolly just can’t afford to go to jail again. She promised her kids to get her life back on track this year, but she is far from it now. Offering some sympathy, Max tells her he might look away if she plays with his cock. The miserable milf starts blowing the security guard, greedily eating his cock to avoid conviction. She’ll have to fuck her way out of the situation, giving the officer a free pass on her pussy.
Concept: Double Creampie 44:43
Concept: Double Creampie 44:43 What’s up, TeamSkeet fans? Let’s have some fun and jump right into a new Labs update. So we all love creampies because what’s not to love about a perfect pussy filled up with a hot, messy load? But what happens when the horniest of babes aren’t satisfied with just one creampie? Well, the answer is simple - you give her a double creampie. This concept is easy to understand, and with the experiment, you’ll see chicks getting cummed inside of twice. While the horny chick already has one load inside of her, the next stud comes along and gives her even more cum to enjoy. In this episode, Ally calls David and Joshua to come by for some fun. The guys think they’re just coming over to chill and watch some movies, but Ally has a much kinkier plan for the day. She wants to get fucked, hard, and raw by both David and Joshua. The guys are stunned and are more than down to help out Ally with her newfound love for sex. Ally pulls off the condoms from Joshua and David, and this is when the fun really begins. Fucking Ally raw is so much nicer, and her wild pussy powers make it hard not to cum right away. When the guys can’t hold their loads anymore, they take turns unleashing shot after shot of cum inside Ally’s snatch. Their juices mix with hers to make one massive, kinky creampie. Ally quivers with delight, loving the feeling of having two big loads of cum in her at once.
Working Girls - Scene 2 - Job Well Done 26:22
Working Girls - Scene 2 - Job Well Done 26:22 Natasha Nice is ready to get nasty ! Watch her working hard and getting fucked like never before! This is epic sex at it's best!
Swapping Tantric Milfs 33:02
Swapping Tantric Milfs 33:02 Anthony and Axel want to lose their virginities, but they’re having trouble finding girls. Concerned, their stepmoms, Aviana and McKenzie, step in to save the day. The women don’t want their boys constantly worrying about sex, and if losing their virginities means a healthy mental release, they’ll do anything to help. Their plan is taboo but should go a long way for Anthony and Axel. Essentially, the milfs plan to surprise the boys with tantric sex - they’ll swap stepsons so that Aviana gets fucked by Axel and McKenzie gets fucked by Anthony. It’ll still be pretty intense, fucking as a group and being sexual in front of each other. Still, the idea of being so vulnerable in front of their own stepsons excites both Aviana and McKenzie. Their plan is set in motion, and Aviana and McKenxie dress themselves in sexy lingerie, letting their tits and pussies peak through the thin lace. Anthony and Axel are completely blown away and are immediately concerned. They know it would be totally fucked up to mess around with their own stepmoms, but when they learn the plan is to swap, they start to come around to the idea. They still know it’s a bit out there and is wrong to fuck in front of their own stepmoms, but they’re so horny at this point they’ll do anything to lose their V-cards. The milfs climb into bed and give each other’s stepsons blowjobs. It’s an exciting feeling, and both milfs can’t take their eyes off of their own stepsons. They want to see just how much they’re enjoying getting their cocks sucked. The mature chicks know it’s wrong, but it feels so right in the moment. The milfs then let the guys fill up their pussies, letting them release all of their pent-up sexual frustrations in an instant. But they still can’t help but wonder what it would be like to be filled up by their own stepsons. Unable to resist any longer, they finally initiate a full-blown swap. It’s intense for everyone involved, and each person knows just how taboo it is, but getting to feel their own stepmom’s pussy is even better for Anthony and Axel. The lucky studs have to do everything not to cum right away. They want to show their stepmoms how appreciative they are for helping them lose their virginities. The milfs get fucked hard until the guys can no longer hold their loads. Anthony and Axel cum hard on their stepmom’s faces, covering them in a sticky mess. The milfs share a cummy kiss and let the intensity of the moment wash over them.
Tommy’s Turn 30:52
Tommy’s Turn 30:52 Gorgeous Tommy King is chilling by the pier when Romeo approaches her. The tick-lipped beauty is enjoying a nice day under the sun, but she hasn’t any plans for later on, so she arranges a hot date with Romeo. Dressed for the occasion, Tommy arrives at Romeo’s wearing a small bikini, revealing her stunning shape and petite tits. She wastes no time in seducing her new male friend by shaking her sweet booty for him. Soon, she is rubbing her pussy for Romeo to enjoy, the perfect preshow for sucking his dick. After getting her mouth fucked, Tommy’s cunt also wants in for the fun, so Tommy sits on Romeo’s dick to get some action. Much to her surprise, Romeo is one horny fucker and won’t stop until her hole is wide open after an intense pounding session.
A Gust Of Horniness 27:30
A Gust Of Horniness 27:30 Katty Soarez shows up at her local cafe-laundromat looking to wash her clothes, but a faulty vent blows her dress nearly over her head, exposing her pussy for all to see. With Katty accidentally flashing a cafe full of patrons, big-dicked barista Jordi is ready to help in any way he can – so, naturally, with his big dick in what turns out to be a raunchy, sneaky, and good old fashioned public fuck.
The Teacher and the Student 22:34
The Teacher and the Student 22:34 Smokin’ hot blonde Miss Sally is travelling from the UK with her student, Lady Dee. After checking into Steve Q’s Fake Hostel, it isn’t long before big-boobed MILF Miss Sally is seducing their host! Inviting Steve to her room later that evening, the English babe bounces on Steve’s meaty cock in cowgirl before the couple enjoy an intense side fuck on the floor, unaware that raven-haired beauty Lady Dee is watching their naughty antics! Desiring a fuck, Lady Dee spreads her legs so that Steve can eat out her tight pussy before banging it hard in missionary! Later, the horny Euro slut rides Steve’s cock while Miss Sally plays with her student’s perfect titties, and then the wild threesome cums to a close with Steve treating his satisfied guests to a double facial!