Alex Grey plays games with Jenna Foxx and Avery Black

Three roommates, Avery Black, Alex Grey, and Jenna Foxxx, are bored because they're stuck inside. Desperate for a little excitement, Avery suggests that they play a game of hide and seek to pass the time. But this isn't a normal game of hide and seek, because when one of them finds the others, they have to fool around. Alex is skeptical. Why would they play a game like that when they're grown-ups? Jenna is more encouraging, saying it will be fun to forget about life for a while and just have a little fun!They ultimately agree to do it and Avery starts, telling the other two girls to go run and hide. After they leave the room, Avery counts to ten and then goes through the house searching for the other girls. The first girl she finds hiding is Jenna and they quickly start to make out.Just as things are getting hot and heavy, they decide that they don't want to leave Alex out and go to find her. As they search, Jenna and Avery prepare an extra surprise for Alex, slipping a massive strap-on onto Avery as they giggle excitedly. When they finally find Alex and she gets a look at the strap-on, she licks her lips. Now THIS is the kind of game she can really get into! She hops up onto the bed and wraps her lips around the strap-on as Jenna bends her over and eats her pussy from behind.Looks like these roommates won't be bored again any time soon...

3 years ago