Alex Grey is playing with Jenna Foxx and Avery Black

Avery Black and Alex Grey, two girlfriends, are lounging around while Alex creates a love potion at their coffee table. They are both spiritual and horny ladies, and the potion acts as a mild aphrodisiac for lesbians, which just adds a little extra fun to their sex lives.But before they can get down to having fun, they have to get an annoying chore out of the way first. Their sink is clogged and they have to call their landlord. Unfortunately, they are NOT on good terms with their landlord, so talking to her is the last thing they want to do! But once Alex finally makes the call and the landlord is on her way over, they hatch a plan. What better way is there to get revenge on their landlord by making her inexplicably horny??When there is a knock on the door, Alex answers it and spills the lesbian love potion on the landlord... except it's not the landlord but Jenna Foxx, who is an innocent plumber sent to fix the sink! Avery and Alex are apologetic but when Jenna starts lusting for them, they usher her into the bathroom instead to cool down...Caught up in the heat of the moment, Alex and Avery get down and dirty in their living room. As they moan with ecstasy while eating out each other's pussies, poor Jenna is completely distracted from her work, getting to work on HERSELF instead!

4 months ago