Daisy B in Attached To The Stick 2

Stunning Daisy B, a tall, gorgeous girl with long dark-brunette hair, is lying naked and tied up on a bed. She has been bound with a makeshift bondage set-up – her wrists and ankles are tied with climbing rope to two halves of a roughly broken wooden broom handle, splaying her arms and legs apart. She is loosely blindfolded and gagged, and clothespins are clamped to her stiff nipples and also to her unshaved hairy pussy, pinning her lips together around her clit. Pleasurably tormented, she thrashes on the sheets.She works her hands free and removes the gag and blindfold to reveal a pretty face and deep brown eyes. Then she caresses her nude curves, ruffling her bush and slipping her fingers as far into her slit as the clothespin will allow. She unclips the pin and begins to masturbate slowly, with her middle finger probing deep and her body moving sinuously in response. Her ankles remain bound to the stick, keeping her legs spread wide as she bends them and rolls around on the bed, flaunting her peach of an ass and bare feet.Lying prone, she reaches back between her thighs, humping her butt in the air slowly and rhythmically as she frigs herself. After a while, she reaches back the other hand to grab one fleshy cheek and open herself up wider as her fingers stroke and probe.On her back again, she caresses her clamped tits, lost in an erotic trance. Moaning, she bucks on the bed, fingers grinding, finally taking herself to orgasm, then lying back in a state of total bliss...

2 years ago