Mary Lin in Public Arousal II 2

Gorgeous Mary Lin enters her bedroom – she is a pretty, blue-eyed blonde dressed casually in a blue skirt and strappy black tank that shows off her full breasts. She kneels on her bed and opens the small box she is carrying. Inside it are tiny black panties with a black pearl-thong crotch and attached clamps with soft, pink-silicone tips. She smiles as she examines it, then discards her own modest white underwear and puts it on. She pulls the beads tight up into her shaved slit and crack, then attaches the clamps to her pussy lips. Cut to Mary enjoying a stroll outdoors in the sunshine, in a wooded area of a park. With each step, the beaded thong saws against her slit and the camera captures an upskirt shot as she does a little dance of joy, flashing her crotch and butt cheeks and caressing her beautiful breasts through her top. Back at home, she’s seriously horny. She sits on the bed, legs apart, with the clamps splaying her pussy lips wide open. She strips, peeling off her top to display her large breasts, then loses her skirt. Sprawled on the bed, she rubs her pussy, fingering her lips and working the beads against her clit, her face a picture of pleasure. She continues to masturbate, moaning and biting her lip, then rolls over on all fours, her arousal increasing as she reaches back between her thighs. Now she pulls the bead thong sideways, allowing her to grind her fingers in her slit as she flaunts her oozing pussy and tight asshole. Her moans become louder and she lies back once again, cupping one breast as she reams her snatch. Her crotch is a mess of churned-up juices and she cries out as she orgasms, then strokes her pussy more gently, teasing out every drop of pleasure before running her cum-drenched fingers over her curves.

6 months ago