Skye Blue in Hearts On Fire

Sexy blonde Skye Blue wears a flowing white lace wedding gown and work boots to walk through a derelict building, as Andrej Lupin’s atmospheric erotic movie "Hearts On Fire" begins. She is serenaded by a classical quartet in suits and masks, then joined by a man dressed in white, who takes her hand to dance with her. Skye removes Michael Fly’s mask and kisses him tenderly, the music drawing to a close as the lovers move to a white bed set among the ruins. Their kisses grow fierce, Michael pulling his sweetheart’s dress down and lavishing attention on her beautiful breasts, slipping his hand into her lace panties to stroke her. When she’s writhing with pleasure, he peels off her panties and eats her shaved pussy, her big breasts jiggling as he makes her climax. Skye frees Michael’s thick cock from his pants, gazing up at him adoringly as she licks and sucks it. She straddles him and guides his erection into her tight pussy, her ass rising and falling as she rocks her hips to ride him, boobs bouncing as their bodies slam together. They move into missionary, Skye clinging onto the metal bed frame as Michael thrusts into her, fucking her to another powerful orgasm. He doesn’t stop, driving them both to a passionate simultaneous climax.

6 months ago