Fuck)Harlow Harrison in Harlow Harrison Unseen Footage Of Her Whore-A-Thon

Today, we will see all things behind the scenes with our main man James Deen and our tattooed whore, Harlow Harrison. On set, James, Harlow and Jennifer joke around naked on how Harlow had a peculiar scent, and Jennifer comments that it’s sort of like the jerk off room inside of a strip club, to which Harlow totally agrees. She smelled of dried cum and ferocious sex after having roughly five dicks in her; a gaggle of cock. It was her fantasy for all of this to be done to her, to be treated like a magnificent whore. James warns her that they’re not quite done to which Harlow shows off a gleeful smile. In the next scene, we see a marvelous piece of ass, Harlow poses with her great ass in the air ready to receive more cock to fill her holes, and they joke about the ugly color of their suite. James isn’t quite ready to fill her southern holes, he kneels her and shoves his fat cock in her mouth, she smiles and gobbles him up. She teases him by rubbing her pussy, but he once again fills her mouth with his big dick, Harlow licking him up and down and sucking on his balls. She covers his cock in spit and strokes his every inch while sucking his head. He makes her get on the bed and spread her legs to show off her pretty pink pussy and tight asshole, while she makes spit bubbles. He inserts his cock gently into her and she lightly moans as she slowly but surely gets stretched. Harlow smiles, moans, and laughs at how good James feels inside of her. Next, we cut to Harlow pinching her nipples and salivating on her tits. She kneels and spits on his cock and with both hands shoves him inside her mouth and sucks and gobbles him up until the tip of his cock touches her uvula. With masterful handwork, she jerks him off while simultaneously filling her mouth with his fat dick. Harlow shows off her great smile as she concentrates her full attention to James’ cock. He instructs her to bend over on the chair she started on and he inserts his dick into her pretty pussy, Harlow moans and chuckles and looks back at him not believing the pleasure he is giving her, she thanks him with a smile and a bite of her lip. The scene cuts to Harlow laying on the edge of the bed with James already in her and Harlow expressing how she has always wanted to be a human fleshlight, only to be used to fuck. He fucks her deep and she bites her lips and moans with great pleasure. He lays on the floor and she crawls to his cock and fills her mouth, shoving him deep down her throat. Harlow masturbates and makes herself cum in extreme. She sucks and fucks him one last time on the couch.

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