Kenzie in KENZIE 20 2018

19 year old Kenzie feels she hasn't been sexually adventurous enough (read: hasn't been a little slut like her girlfriends and now feels left out in their Sex In The City re-enactments), and the porn business might be a way for her to remedy that. A mounting college loan debt doesn't help. The interview goes reasonably well considering we're talking about a shy-ish teen who doesn't watch much porn, and doesn't masturbate. When told to get naked, Kenzie instead offers to show me a home sex videos she did with her ex-boyfriend. I reject her offer and let her know I only hire girls who can follow my directions. Naked, spreading her ass and pussy for us, we then have her demonstrate how she would masturbate if she, like, ever masturbated. Apparently she was fibbing because it doesn't take long for Kenzie to actually orgasm on camera, just using her hand. Maybe it's the whole situation she's in, 2 dudes watching, I don't know. But she clearly has an orgasm. Can't miss it. Our teen is way more compliant after that and after getting banged really good by Vince over the desk (another O it seems), Kenzie even agrees to anal. It goes...OK. We get to tick the "Painal" keyword box but it's really not that terrible. In fact, she admits to liking it at some point and wanting to do it again! After a surprise insemination by Vince (huge load of cum goes inside that girl) we find out she's one of the many ditzes that doesn't see the point of going on birth control when entering the porn business. I'm out of morning-after pills so we send her packing with her teen womb full of Vince's sperm and empty promises of modeling jobs that don't exist.

7 months ago