Melanie in MELANIE 2

Say hello to 19 year old teen Melanie, wannabe Elementary School teacher, and most likely future pornstar. We already know she will show up on some other fap site at some time. After her very first boy-girl shoot - THIS ONE! - we wanted to get her back for some sweet anal and/or threeway. We just loved her. Unfortunately she told us she's already scheduled to shoot for some porn network giant. So this will be the first and last time we'll ever see this incredibly cute and charismatic teen. She looks sweet and innocent, and in a way she is. As she's taking a shower, cockmeister TC asks her about her personal live and we find out that she has a boyfriend, he knows what she's about to be doing, and he's ok with it. Cuckold or suitcase pimp? Who knows. She's cool with it and we get to watch one of our cutest young first-timers (well, for now) suck cock, get fucked, blindfolded, and cum covered. Speaking of cum - the nearly impossible happened: she made TC cum early! TC has been around the block a few (thousand) times, that dude can stay hard for hours. Yet petite sweetie Melanie here sucked the cum right out of his cock. She was riding him (so hot) and TC just couldn't hold back. He he barely manages to pull his cock out of her pussy after the first shot of sperm goes inside her , and finishes on his belly as she tried to get out of the way. Yes, he should've just cum inside her completely and make a creampie ending out of this. But he was so surprised by this teen making him cum early, he just couldn't thing straight. But fear not, after a few minutes of recovering (seriously, only took him like 5 minutes to get hard again!), TC shoots a massive cum load over Melanie's perfectly made-up face. We had to replay his cumshot a few times. How on earth does this dude manage to recover so quickly, and then shoot cum load after cum load on her? He just keeps cumming and cumming. What a jizz monster! Have a glance at the preview thumbnails below, check out the screenshots to get an idea what's coming. Then forget all of it because you really have to get the full Melanie experience - her face, her attitude, her quiet and soft yet naughty nature are things you really have to watch as a video and in context to appreciate. Unless we get many, MANY "bring her back" emails from you guys, we can't have her back. We do amateurs or first-timers. Once they start shooting for other sites, we usually don't bring them back. We could make an exception only IF lots of you guys tweet us or contact us saying you want her back even though she has done shoots for other sites since her scene today.

2 months ago