Harley King in Is My New Black Step-Daddy Packin'??

Awkward as hell! And I'm not just talking about how my new stepdaughter thought I was breaking into her house. She hadn't seen her stepmother's new man - me - but that's neither here nor there. The conversation after gets even more uncomfortable! I guess Harley had a bone to pick with her new stepmom who seemed to frown on her past dating choices - lots of black guys! Yeah, that's me too. Then she wants to know if I'm packing and wants to see it. Me again, I guess. She seems pretty impressed with my big cock and starts sucking & jerking it right away. She strips down and lets me smack her cute little ass around before penetrating her from behind. You can see how much her pussy is stretched out by my fat dick when she climbs on board for some cowgirl. I fuck her heard, making her scream & moan until she takes me load in her mouth & face. That'll teach her, stereotyping me like that...

1 week ago