Learn From Experience

Clara (Holly Day) arrives at her friend Lianne's (Riley Reign) house for the evening, suitcase in hand. It turns out that Clara will be joining Lianne and her parent, Rachel (Serene Siren), for a trip the next day, so she'll be spending the night before they head out tomorrow morning. Clara and Lianne are best friends, with Clara practically being a part of the family, so they're all excited to hit the road and go on an adventure together. But when Lianne leaves the house for a bit, Clara seems a bit pensive and anxious... as if something's troubling her deeply. After a few moments of reflection, she goes down the hall to see Rachel, who greets her warmly and asks her what's on her mind. Clara hesitates a bit but then reveals to Rachel that she's recently come out as a lesbian. Since Rachel is a lesbian herself, and since Clara trusts her even more than her own parents, she's wondering if Rachel can explain some things to her. Rachel is more than willing to answer Clara's questions, and she's so happy that Clara would feel comfortable enough to confide in her. The questions start innocently enough before they eventually transition to questions about lesbian sex. Rachel doesn't want to cross any boundaries with Clara, though finds herself tempted and flustered when Clara asks if she could guide her through her first sexual experience. Rachel resists as much as she can, but Clara is desperate to know more, and Rachel eventually lets her defenses fall. They have sensual, exploratory sex, which includes Clara sucking on Rachel's tits as Rachel moans with delight.

6 months ago