Wondering About Wands

Amber Angel is pleasuring herself, first with her fingers, and then with a vibrator wand. Eventually a stranger, Leana Lovings, unexpectedly walks in on her! Leana apologizes, explaining that she's the girlfriend of Amber's sibling, and that she accidentally walked into the wrong room. They are both equally embarrassed and awkward, and Leana is about to leave the room when curiosity gets the better of her - what IS that wand thing anyways? And does it... feel good? Amber is flustered and blushing but explains how it works, causing Leana to become even more curious. Leana surprises Amber and even herself when she asks if she could try it too. What, here-?! Now? TOGETHER?! Leana comes up with excuses that she just wants to see what it's like and remarks that she wouldn't know how to use it on her own and desires Amber's guidance... They agree to share it platonically, but this is just a pretense and neither woman will come away from the experience as straight as they once thought.

4 months ago