Her Sapphic Subconscious

Therapist Penny Barber is meeting with her patient, Kenzie Taylor, and does a Rorschach test as part of the session. But each time Penny shows Kenzie an ink blot, Kenzie mentions seeing women in them. Everything from two women sitting at a cafe to two women kissing! Kenzie doesn't understand why Penny is showing her all these women, though Penny assures her that the images are just random ink blots and that Penny is seeing what her subconscious wants her to see. As they talk more, Kenzie realizes that she may have an attraction to women that she's never truly acknowledged before. Penny opens up about being a lesbian herself, insisting that the session is a safe place to explore those feelings and what they mean for Kenzie. Kenzie is stunned and realizes that she needs a way to verify if she truly DOES have an attraction to other women or not... starting with asking for a kiss from Penny!

4 months ago