Skating for Pussy

Sophia is an expert roller skater. The bodacious milf moves with ease, swifting by Nicole, a young and inexperienced blonde who keeps tripping every time she tries to skate. Sophia has a thing for teen-like gals who need a proper teacher, so she takes Nicole under her wing, convincing her to go to her place. Nicole swears she isn’t injured and isn’t sure about her new friend’s true intentions, but she decides to accompany her anyway as her foot does hurt a little. At Sophia’s place, Nicole lets Sophia rub her foot to make the pain go away. Sophia slowly works on Nicole’s foot, caressing it gently with her hand. Suddenly, she starts licking Nicole’s toes, making the young girl experience things she never felt before. She then puts Nicole’s foot on her own pussy, revealing her darkest desires. The two gals start making out intensely, as a preview for intense oral action. The horny milf’s tongue goes straight to Nicole’s snatch, drawing circles on it to drive her mad. Astonished by the pleasant sensation, Nicole decides to reward her new friend by eating her pussy. Eager for some pounding, Sophia surprises Nicole with a dildo strap-on, a way to plow her new friend until she climaxes like never before.

3 months ago