Panties-In A Bunch

Eva Maxim is at the local laundromat, bending over to put her clothes into one of the washing machines. As she does so, another customer, Hailey Rose, can't help but check out Eva's sexy ass. When Eva steps away for a moment, Hailey sneaks over to Eva's machine to sniff Eva's panties and other clothes. When Eva returns, she's surprised to see the lower half of Hailey's body sticking out of the washing machine. But when Eva realizes that Hailey is sniffing her panties, Eva is flattered and kind of into this kink. They start having some sneaky sex, but they are eventually caught by another customer, Connie Perignon. Luckily, Connie likes what she sees and takes out a strap-on dildo, so they can enjoy a hot threesome while waiting for the laundry to be done!

1 month ago