Cindy Shine, Tina Kay in Tina's Massage Desires Part 2: Giving

After her exciting massage experience in part one, stunning Tina Kay decides to get a job as a masseuse herself. In part two of Bree Parker’s hot lesbian movie "Tina’s Massage Desires" her client is gorgeous brunette Cindy Shine, who takes off her stockings and heels, and lies on the massage table in just her panties. To her surprise, Tina takes them off, before oiling up her beautiful body. She starts to massage her client, paying particular attention to her peachy ass, squeezing and kneading the firm cheeks. Explaining that she has a special technique to help her relax, Tina rubs a dildo against Cindy’s slick pussy, easing it into her tight slot and fucking her skilfully. Cindy moans with pleasure, sitting up at Tina’s instruction to get her nipples and clit stimulated, before Tina dildo-drills her to a powerful orgasm. Cindy gets on her knees, Tina rubbing her own perfect breasts against her new friend’s slippery ass as she thrusts the toy back into her pussy from behind. Now Tina gets naked and oils herself up too, inviting Cindy to diddle her with the dildo. She cums noisily, then moves into scissors so they can slide their drenched pussies together. Finally, she straddles Cindy in a sixty-nine and eats her to another shuddering climax, the perfect happy ending to this exceptional massage.

10 months ago