Kenzie Taylor, April Olsen in Caught In The Open

Kenzie Taylor is a realtor who just finished up with a routine open house. But as she talks on the phone with a colleague, April Olsen curiously peeks through the window from the outside. Kenzie doesn't notice her at all as she soon gathers her papers and leaves the house to head back to the office.As soon as Kenzie is gone, April sneaks into the house, taking a look around. Convinced she's alone, she takes a seat on the couch and instantly starts masturbating. As she rubs her pussy and moans with delight, it's obvious she gets a thrill from sneaking around!But April's session is short-lived when Kenzie returns for papers she's forgotten, catching April in the act. Kenzie's shocked, though April doesn't seem too concerned as she tries to play innocent. However, it isn't long before she starts coming onto Kenzie, who can't seem to keep her eyes off her. Maybe it's time to make THIS open house anything BUT routine!

9 months ago