Puppets told a man to fuck the brunette Faye Doneaway

Tommy Pistol is stuck at home, trying his best to self-isolate during a trying time. His mother sends him a puppet to keep him company, though he doesn't care much for it. She means well but it's just a bit... weird.As the days pass by, Tommy starts to get a bit... stir-crazy. Although he's trying to keep himself occupied, there's only so much he can do! He's also starting to get paranoid about that puppet because sometimes he's SURE he sees it moving in the shadows...When the puppet starts TALKING to him one day, Tommy's sure he's lost it! It's even more freaky because the puppet keeps reminding him of how he's not getting laid during all this.Convinced that the puppet is just a manifestation of his horniness, Tommy determinedly jerks off. Unfortunately, it doesn't do the trick and the puppet only becomes more annoying and demanding. What's even worse is that the puppet soon brings along more puppet friends!Finally, Tommy calls up Faye Doneaway and invites her over for a quickie. Maybe THIS will make the puppets go away. When Faye shows up, wearing full-body protection and a mask, she's not alone... She has a puppet of her own!As Tommy and Faye finally get down and dirty, the puppets watch on in awe...

1 week ago