Lucy K in All Pink 2

Sexy Lucy K, a 19-year-old blonde student, is a part-time babysitter. We find her at home lounging in lingerie on her large double bed and caressing a sleek, hot-pink vibrator. She confesses that it has been borrowed from her employers’ collection of toys, without their knowledge. She insists she is not a thief and promises to return it the next day – after she has spent all night enjoying it. Lying back, she plays the head over her slim body, teasing herself through her underwear, then sucking tenderly on the toy. After stripping off her bra to reveal pert, beautiful breasts, she teases her nipples, then grinds the vibe against the crotch of her lace panties. She pulls it to one side and teases the swollen, fleshy lips of her shaved pussy for just a few moments – then she plunges the head and slender shaft into her wet hole. Sighing, she pumps the toy in and out, humping and grinding against it. Naked, she lies on her side, reaching back to screw herself. The vibrator is slick and lubed with her juices and she slides it back and slips it in her asshole, taking it easily. Fingers reaming her wet clit, she pumps and stirs the shaft inside of her ass, lost in horny ecstasy as she bangs herself harder. Next, she gets on all fours to do herself doggy style, and the deeper she takes the dildo in her butt, the wider the tapered handle stretches her asshole. Once again she switches to plowing her pussy, fingers on her clit as she buries it deep inside of her, hand a blur and tits quivering as her ass bucks clear of the bed. Her moans become sobs of pleasure as she surfs the brink of orgasm. Then she cums hard and finally withdraws the pink vibrator, leaving it between her thighs on the bed, glistening with her juices as she lies back spent…

2 months ago