A guy who helped sexy Serene Siren got a big surprise

Serene Siren is down on her luck, searching for a place to spend the night. She finally lays her head down in an isolated area of what she thinks is the park. But she's shocked to be roused in the morning by a man who tells her that she is not in the park, but is in fact on his property. Serene apologizes, explaining that she lost her job because of the virus and has been on the street ever since. The man is empathetic, explaining that he lost his wife a couple of months ago.Connecting with Serene instantaneously, the man offers to take her in. Serene is touched by his generosity, accepting eagerly. Introducing himself as Luke, he leads Serene to his home.As the days go by, Serene cleans herself up and eases herself into living with Luke, happy for the first time in a long time. Luke only has one rule that Serene must follow: she has to record everything - including her most intimate and private moments - on a phone he gives her.One day, while filming one of these video journals, Serene sees that Luke has left her a gift. Opening up the box, Serene first finds a note from Luke, where he explains that he's left a few surprises in the box for her, including one of his late wife's dresses. Luke would like Serene to put the dress on and join him for the evening. Serene has already begun to develop feelings for Luke and is excited for the evening to come.But before Serene gets ready, she looks at the rest of the items in the box. It seems that Luke has left her other...NAUGHTY surprises: a vibrator and a dildo. Overcome with horniness, Serene pleasures herself, quickly cumming before she resumes getting ready.Finally, decked out in a sexy dress and lingerie, Serene is quivering with anticipation when Luke arrives. She can't wait to show her appreciation to Luke for his generosity...

4 months ago